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The Best Summer

Today, we held high school graduation for the seniors. While it was an unconventional ceremony due to Covid-19, it turned out amazing. As always, everyone pulled together and made it an incredible experience for the kids.
It made me think back to my own high school graduation. That summer after was filled with so many special moments, and it breaks my hearts that kids can't do the same right now. My friends and I were basically together all the time (when we weren't working summer jobs). There were pool parties, driving around, going to movies, bonfires. There was a summer fling and broken hearts.
It was a summer of those khaki cargo pants everyone wore, and crop top tank tops. Baseball caps and overalls and swimsuits. Tan skin. A vacation to Florida with my girl friends (still no idea how I talked my parents into that). 
I can't remember a summer where it was more carefree and fun than that. Once I got to college, I was working multiple jobs and while there was still fun, th…

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