Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amazing Picture Frames from Kohls - and even more amazing price!

I stopped by Kohls today for a little "me" time ;) Doesn't every mama deserve that?? It was a big sale, 40 and 50% off of a lot of items. I ended up back where I always do (after first perusing the clearance racks with women's clothes) - the home goods section.

I swear, that section is my downfall!

There were sooooo many pretty things, and such great deals. I bought four picture frames (and put back the dress I had picked out. I thought perhaps I wouldn't feel so guilty buying the frames if I didn't spend the extra $5.60. I know, it sounds ridiculous to me, too, now that I'm sitting at home.) (P.S. the pictures in the frames below are not my family, lol, I hadn't put the pictures in yet!)

They were such an awesome deal. Two of them were $11.99, one was $5.99, and one was $4.99. How can you beat that? They were exactly what I was looking for for my living room above the fireplace. I put the pictures in this evening, and then put the frames up. Now, I have just one dilemma left -- I need a finishing touch for the center of my mantle! Any suggestions? Two walls match the tan in this picture, and two are the red of the fireplace. Hmmm, maybe another trip to Kohls is in order?!?! Or perhaps Homegoods - I love that store too! I've got my eye on a comforter set at Kohls too - I meant to go back and pick it up tonight (had to check with the hubster that it wasn't too girly - lol, do men actually care about bedding?? I must have the only one who does!)

I've also found lately that TJMaxxhas the CUTEST things for decorating. And completely inexpensive as well. I bought these mannequins for hanging necklaces on (by the way, how do you even spell mannequin? There are a hundred different ways. I just googled it, but seriously, it still looks wierd to me!). I absolutely adore them - I have them on a little lingerie dresser. I only have a few necklaces on them right now, because I'm utilizing them as decorations. Previously though, I have all my necklaces hanging from them. They were originally $16 each, but I bought them on sale for $10 each - awesome!

Well, if you have any good ideas for my mantle decorations, let me know. I'm trying to picture what I'd put there. Has to be kid friendly (as there are normally toys and footballs flying around my house) and I don't want anything truly breakable.

I'm off to bed to dream of my next decorating project. I finally feel like this house is becoming "home".

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