Thursday, February 18, 2010

Patterns? We don't need no stinkin' patterns!

Last year, I decided on a new mission - to learn to sew dresses and clothes for my daughter. Why? Honestly, for the simple reason that it was something new to accomplish. I am a short-attention-span type of girl - I get interested in something, work on it awhile, then once I've sorta mastered it, I move on to the next thing. There's really only a couple things in life that I aspire to be GREAT at - and then I'd like to just test and try the water on lots of different things and be good at them, and experience alot of what life has to offer.
Some people consider that a slacker, I simply consider it unique ;)

Let me say that:
  • I don't use patterns. Part of the fun is learning to create, draft and complete something on my own. Yes, I mess up; yes, most of my things aren't perfect (okay, well, none are), but they are MINE and mine alone, and I like that about them. They are unique, they don't look like everything else, and they look like I made them, which is important to me.
  • Thankfully, my daughter is only 1, so I am able to mostly buy scrap fabric (cheap) at the local fabric store and it's just enough to fit her. This allows me to make a dress, and combine fabric and patterns to make interesting looks for a relatively low price.
  • I invested in a good stitch ripper, because let's face it: new to sewing + no patterns = quite a few mistakes!
  • I have more fun sewing than most things that I've done. What a challenge to actually draft something and see it come to fruition! I love it, and I have not once gotten upset or angry when sewing. I love whipping out a dress for my tot in a few hours at night. So much fun!
I started sewing with a pillowcase dress, because it seemed a simple pattern. How do I make sure they are the right size? Lol, I use one of her current outfits, cut it slightly larger, and pray that it fits! Luckily it is the age of the tunics in fashion, so if the dress don't fit - well, then you can just call it a tunic and slap some leggings on her ;)

And when she outgrows the pieces? The nicer ones I put into a box to save, the others I put in her dress up box for later on, when she starts playing with dolls more and the dolls can wear them! And, by buying stretchy materials, I'm able to utilize the dresses as tanktops the next year, and pair them with shorts - a very cute and in-style look for little girls.

I even made a quilt for her birthday, made from clothing she had worn throughout her first year, and which I found special. First holiday shirts, I love Daddy shirts, outfits from Grandma, and the center piece - a onesie I had bought long before she was conceived, in the hopes I'd have a girl who liked pink someday, and it said "Worth the Wait." This was particularly pertinent since Peyton was born after having suffered two miscarriages. Every day I tell myself that she was definitely worth the wait.

My next venture? Trying to make a back that buttons up or zips up - yikes! I've started the drawings, and hope they come together. I also want to try and make myself a dress, and am looking forward to that challenge. Maybe I'll make some new pillow covers for our pillows, or make quilts as Christmas presents. The sewing world is at my hands!

I'm simply happy to have found something that is a stress reliever for me, and allows me to just focus intently on something that is just for me, and makes me proud of myself. It may be little and it may seem silly, but when I see something I made and people comment on Peyton's outfits and then I tell them that I made it, it's awesome. I'll admit it: I love it!


  1. Start with a skirt for yourself. Maybe just an apron. My mil does my sewing. I can barely thread a needle.

    And if you change your mind about those patterns. I have a ton.

  2. Ok, so I am THE most uncrafty mom ever and am so envious when I see this stuff! And your daughter is adorable.

    Natalie sent me over.

  3. Thanks Nat! I may still take you up on the patterns if they are available - using them would be a new adventure! And thanks for sending me some readers ;)

    And Monique, thanks ;) Although, when I put the dress on Peyton tonight it was like a girdle, so out came the side stitches and it's now more of a tunic-y top (and was wayyy to short for a dress anyway). Ahhh, well, that's what I get for adventuring!

  4. Oh, Don't you just love sewing?
    I wish I had more time for it!
    Cute blog!



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