Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts for Today

I'm following @LaylaGrace twitter posts, and her time is drawing near. What a sweet little girl, another warrior taken far too soon by cancer.

Let's show Layla's family that she has affected us positively, and pledge to do something in her honor as we move forward with our lives.

I for one, pledge to take time every day to tell my kids how important they are to me. Sometimes, I realize after they've gone to bed that I've hugged and kissed them, but haven't told them I'm proud of them or thankful for them - and I won't let that happen again.

I also wanted to share a creative idea I came up with, that will help connect you with your kids in the future. This started because I lost my mom at 25 to brain cancer. I had hoped she had written something to me before she lost the ability to write, so that I'd have that solid object forever. But, she never had. I also realized, when the florist asked me what her favorite flower was so that the big arrangement could be made of those, and I had no idea. I just picked lilies because they were beautiful. There were so many things I wanted to know about her and about our family and I never asked because I thought we'd have forever, so I never did.

I do not want that to happen to my kids. I know every day is a blessing, and at any given time we may find our time is up. I don't want to take my days for granted. I figure that if something happens to me today, tomorrow, or while they are still young, they will have this keepsake from me. And if (hopefully!) I live to be 112, then this will simply be a nice reminder everyday of how much I love them.

I purchased 2 journals (left) that reflected my children's personalities. One says Hope, and the other says Imagine (you can find these at almost any store). On the inside cover, I secured a picture of the two of us together, and on the first page, I included a message about the purpose of the journal (a very upbeat message, not a "in case mommy goes away" type message!). Then, once a month (or more, if I have something important to write about) I write a page in there. I also add pictures when I can, again of just them and I, to show how we are growing and changing.

Some of the things I write about include:
  • How much I love them
  • How proud something they do makes me
  • My favorite things to do together
  • My hopes and dreams for them
  • Wisdom and advice my parents passed onto me, and I pass onto them.
  • My favorite things, and all about me
  • How important things like education, faith, and love are to me and why
  • Mistakes I've made (haha, maybe not all the details of said mistakes) and what I learned

The list goes on and on.

My husband also recently bought me this journal from Barnes and Noble (it's not on their website, but it was in the store). It is a journal with proverbs written inside, and room for you to add additional notes about what those mean to you. It covers topics like faith, hope, wisdom, understanding, etc. I love that it has examples on the side (both biblical and non-biblical) and then I can provide my own interpretation for them, along with my hopes and dreams for my kids related to this.

I don't think my biggest fear is dying; I think it's that I'm so scared my kids wouldn't know me if I did. I have so much fun writing in these journals, talking about our inside jokes and the sweet and funny things they do. I find that writing once a month isn't that hard either - I keep them propped up on my nightstand so that I can constantly be reminded, "Hey, did you write in there this month?"  I hope that when they graduate high school, I can wrap up the journals (which will hopefully be a few journals by then) as their graduation gift, so that as they go off to college they can have something to read that reminds them of home. And, it will reassure them every step of the way that no matter what, Mommy loves them.


  1. There used to be journals specifically for a mother or father. It gave questions & then left the page open for you to fil in your answers. Questions such as about your childhood, education, fears, how you met their dad.

    I also think it would be neat to have written letters from my mom or grandmother. With the age of email, the written word has become so scarce. Which is why when I scrapbook, I almost always handwrite all of the journaling.

  2. I agree. A hand written message is much more personal. And always a keepsake!



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