Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yay! More Great Deals!

Wellll...I made the big mistake of going back to Kohls today, lol! There are three near me - one a couple blocks from work, one on the way home from work, and one near my house. Yikes! I ended up buying 5 more frames. I know! I am a frame-a-holic, and I have a problem! I need a 12 step shopping program.

Unfortunately though, the comforter I saw for $22 on clearance and wanted soooo badly was gone today. Sigh. Oh well. My husband even took me to the store near our home tonight to look, but alas, no luck. So today, I've been to 3 Kohls stores. Haha, even I'm laughing at myself about that! But the frames were even cheaper at this Kohls, so I'm sorry - I had to purchase! And I found word art for the wall, discounted to $5.99. Did I mention I also had a 15% off coupon?

I also went to Target - they are having a great clearance sale. All their clearance stuff is a really bottomed out price. I got new kitchen curtains for two windows (each set of two was $2.48) and a new curtain for my haul window (silk, $3.48). And two very cute pink pillows for my daughter's room, and they were $2.48 each. Not a bad day's shopping ;)

I have been changing out photos all night, adding them to the new frames, cleaning, rearranging, organizing, etc. I think I've driven my family sufficiently crazy! But I'm happy with the results. I rearranged the pieces above the mantle and added the word art (thanks for the suggestion honey!) and while it is still missing that center piece, I'm happy with how it looks. I also love the crazy picture collage I made on the wall in our dining room. The hubby will probably question why I did it how I did it, but I'm going to use the response that his arty-self always uses on me: "It's art. It's my interpretation. Deal with it."  :)

Now my next project to tackle is my built in bookshelves (please ignore the laundry basket and chaos on the right). I LOVE them, and they are really the reason I wanted this house (seriously. I love built-in's that much!)  But I am a photo fanatic and I have bombarded them with photos. I think I need to thin it out, organize the books, and add some finishing touches here and there. It's probably going to take me an entire day ;)  I'll go through my normal routine of rearranging, standing back and looking, rearranging, standing back and looking again. Double sigh. I'm such an artist, lol!

So, hit up your local Target and Kohls - awesome sales going on, and lots of great items in clearance!

And on a final note, I finally put my caregiving story up on a blog. It was a chronicle as we went through the cancer journey with my mom, and then I went back and really detailed my thoughts and feelings over the past few years. So if you're bored, and want to read, here it is! Keep in mind since it's a blog, you have to read from the last post to the first ;)


  1. Please don't tell me that about Target. I've already had my one weekly trip. I noticed they were moving lots of things around. Maybe I can go for just a minute..

  2. Go Nat Go!!! It's fabulous!!!!!

    Seriously - two pillows, 5 curtains, a table cloth, and a curtain rod for $22. How can you beat that?!

  3. Its not a mistake when you have lots of Kohls coupons to use!



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