Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cute Wall Hanger for Girls

I stopped by Goodwill this weekend (as mentioned in my previous post!) and managed to pick up a few great items: two beautiful, perfect, brown candlestick holders from Pier One ($4.99 and $2.99 each), a wooden plaque with knobs on it (sort of like a hanging coat rack) for a wall for $4.99, and a tray for my coffee table for $2.99 (I will show this in the next post).

The candlesticks were perfect - no need for me to alter anything. No scratches, dents - just a perfect brown color made to look slightly vintage. I put them on my dining room table - a perfect touch!

Since the wood plaque/hanger thingy (I'm so good at descriptions, right??) was a mess already, I knew it could only get better from there. When I bought it, it was covered (half-heartedly) in white paint. One of the worst paint jobs ever! But I got it for $4.99 so I couldn't complain. (The picture below is sort of what the wood plaque thingy looked like, just bigger. Sorry - again, I forgot to take "before" pictures! I found this picture online. Just imagine it bigger with a horrible white paint job).

I had GRAND ideas for this, after seeing blogger's posts about hand painting words and then making them look vintage/used/antiqued. Wow! I was going to paint my daughter's name on it, and make it look vintage like this:

Yes, those were my hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, it looked AWFUL. I cannot hand paint a word to save my life. It looked like I had drunk 10 gallons of coffee and tried to paint a straight line. Then I looked at it in deep frustration and thought of all the work it was going to take to undo it and start again. Blah.

Well, a thought suddenly hit me - why not put fabric over it (I had this idea thanks to just reading Isabella and Max Rooms blog, where she is recovering some chairs). It was perfect! It would hide the hideous word paint I had done, I wouldn't have to redo, and it would match her gingham room perfectly. (Haha, see me hiding the evidence of my bad paint job????)

I took some scrap fabric I had - a pink smocked material from JoAnn fabrics - and covered the board. I loved the ruffle it had on the bottom, which would touch right above the knob hangers, giving it a cute, girly frill. After placing some glue along the areas in the back the fabric would touch (I didn't glue the front, because I figured the paint would already be a pain to get off when I wanted to change it around again in a year or two), I used a staple gun to put the fabric into place.

Once that was done, I took a purple gingham ribbon and used fabric glue to place that on top of the pink fabric, around the entire board, coming to a cute bow in the front. For an added touch, I glued on a heart shaped button I had in my sewing scrap bin. (It's sitting on my chair - I haven't hung it up yet.)

I love the finished product. Total, it was under $10 to make (board $2.99, fabric $1.50 in the scrab bin at JoAnn's, ribbon $1 in the sale bin at Michael's, and button, glue, staple gun I already had.) Not bad - and it will look very cute in her room with some of her princess dress up clothes hanging off of it. Yay!

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  1. Hi, I'm Donna from Comin' Home and I noticed that you had recently signed up as a follower. I just wanted to drop by and say thanks. Cute idea!! And I just know I have that fabric in my stash! I love your re-do!

    I signed up to follow you so I could keep in touch. Thanks for dropping by. You seem like a girl after my own heart. :o)



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