Monday, April 19, 2010

Handmade Flower Hairbows

After going on a little outing with two of my girlfriends this weekend, I wanted to make a flower hairbow that looked like one I saw in a little shop we went to. (This shop was a gorgeous little boutique, with mostly handmade items. I would have bought one of everything if I could have afforded it. So cute.)

She had a ton of little flower items where she had singed the edges. It was so cute! I thought, hmmmm, I bet I can do that! So with some of my scrap material, I cut out circles (Scrap material cost me $1.39 at the fabric store last week). (I didn't take pictures of all the steps, I'm sorry - I was so excited about it, I just got ahead of myself!) I used two different sizes of circles, and cut out 4 of each shape.

When I had them cut out, I singed the edges carefully using a candle. Here is a picture from when they were all completed. After singing the edges, I took clear nail polish and ran it around the edges to keep any of the burned area from chipping off or smudging on the rest of the circle.
From there, I took all the circles and placed them on top of eachother. Pinching the bottom center of the grouping, I was able to make the "petals" wavy/wrinkly (not sure of the best word). I took a needle and thread, and threaded it through a few areas to wrinkle the material to look like petals.
After this was done, I sewed a button right in the middle for decoration. I already had the buttons from my daughter's quilt project last November. I placed it on an alligator clip ($1.99 at Michaels for 8) and found a stretchy crocheted headband to attach it to. It turned out really cute I think, and I want to make a couple more. It was really simple, cost less than $0.75 each to make, and only took about a half hour total (which I am sure could be cut down as I get better at it). The best part is that I can buy bigger cuts of fabric and make a dress or shirt out of it, and a matching bow with the same material.


  1. Adorable flowers! I really need to make some hair bows and headbands!

  2. Thanks Michelle! So easy to do - and so little cost. It worked out to about $0.50 each for the ones I made - you can't beat that!!

  3. I love it! I have a link party on saturdays that I would love for you to join

  4. Thanks! I just signed up to follow your blog!



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