Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sewing...dress, aprons and hairbows, oh my!

Yay, sewing! With the hubs out with friends, the kids asleep by 7 (the only benefit of not getting a nap today!) and no good TV on (and of course, my blatent need to avoid any and all housework), I was able to sit down and get in almost 5 hours of relaxing sewing!

Sadly, towards the end I did break something on my 1957 sewing machine (sniffle sniffle), and I am dreading trying to find someone who can/will fix it for less than it would cost to buy a new one. I'm sorry, but I like the vintage machine!!

Anywho, I am so excited about what I got down. Two outfits for my daughter (with a new idea for ruffles I've been wanting to try), an apron for my son (who loves to cook), my vintage-looking apron for when I'm not avoiding housework/cooking (haha), and an apron for my daughter. If you want a step by step, just let me know and I can post it.


But it was so fun to see everything come together.

Here are the aprons:

And here are the outfit's for my daughter. First, a ladybug tank tunic with a flower embellishment, and pants (I bought the actual pants for $2.50 at Target) with ruffles sewn on the bottom. Total cost was about $6 for the material and ribbon (the material is all from the scrap bin or clearance section at JoAnn fabrics, and the ribbon was $1 per spool at Michael's.

And a dress I made for her. The green top was a t-shirt I bought from Target that she had just about outgrown the sleeves on (it was an 18 month, she wears a 24 month/2T), and it was a little short - but it is stretchy and still fits around her. I cut off the sleeves, made it a tank, sewed 4 layers of ruffles on the bottom, and a matching fan/flower like embellishment on the top with a little heart button to top it off. Believe it or not, the decoration on the front was supposed to be the start of a ruffled sleeve before my machine broke and I couldn't make the sleeve I wanted. I instead was able to turn it into a fan-like decoration.

And let's not forget hairbows - we all love them!

All in all, a fun, relaxing evening. :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. You are so darn creative! I love all of it!

  2. It's all so cute!
    Andrea @



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