Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A simple jewelry holder...$0.99 at your local thrift store!

So I stopped on over at Goodwill this weekend to take a gander at what was new. Overwhelmed by all the costume jewelry I've accumulated, and inspired by an idea from a blog (I'm so sorry, I can't remember which one!) I decided to seek out something I've had ten of in the past but never needed for their actual use - a mug holder.

I found one - just a simple, tan, varnished mug holder for $0.99 - very nice price. Combined with my $1.00 can of black spray paint, I was able to lightly sand it and turn it into a fashionable jewelry holder.

I love it - it's perfect for all of my bracelets! Two coats of black paint covered it very well. I'm thinking of asking Jaime to take some bright paints (pink, yellow, blue and green) and paint flowers and curvey vines on it. I think that would make it pretty cute and girly.

All in all - not a bad project for $2.00 - especially since to buy one of these costs about $10 at a jewelry store. Now I have to find something to put the rest of my necklaces on. Geez - I never realized how many jewelry parties I attend and buy stuff at - I have a small collection of costume jewelry! My husband says I have a shopping problem ;)

But I love it all - nothing adds to an outfit like a great accessory. Speaking of which - check out these shoes! I love funky shoes. Polka dots, fun patterns, bright colors - and especially when they are $13.99 at Kohls before the coupon - yay shopping!

Maybe hubs is right...oh well!

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