Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wow, I'm becoming handy!

Well, I took the morning off work to take the dog to the vet. Fun! Actually not really. Poor pup had to get shots - yuck!

Since I had the morning off and the vet wasn't until 10:30, I thought I'd get some errands done. Stopped by HOBO and picked up some spray paint in different colors (black, heirloom white and metallic), a new shower liner, a tension rod for my daughter's closet, and some hooks for my son's closet. I had a master plan in mind ... I really wanted to redo the doorknobs in the house. They are beautiful antique doorknobs that have been painted over, and painted over, and painted over. Sometimes, they were only halfway painted, and then another color layered over it - so ugly!!!!! Plus they were all chipping, and it just looks awful.

Why not just get new doorknobs? I hear you, I hear you ... but I LOVE the antique ones - the originals from when the house was built. So much character and I'm a sucker for antiques.

So, with my brilliant plan in mind, I got home from work and with the help of my hubby (I think he was a little worried about me using HIS drill), we got the plates off the bathroom door and balcony door. I brought them downstairs, cleaned them, layed them out, let them dry, and then began spraypainting. Fun!

Again, not fun. I don't like the smell of paint, but thankfully I was outside. As my husband yelled out the back door, "Don't paint too many layers right away, or it won't dry," I yelled my infamous, "I knooooowwwww!" and then I went back and layered on too much paint ;) I did let him tell me "I told you so" later. :)

After taking FOREVER to dry (they still aren't completely dry) I put them back up on the doors. I love them!!! The black looks FANTASTIC against the white doors. Please ignore the paint job on the doors in the pictures - it's awful. The people before us just sort of painted everything white/cream but didn't tape anything off or do a good job. There's drips and chips and it just looks awful. I'll be fixing that next. For now, I'm just excited to start on all the other doorknobs tomorrow.

And one of my favorite parts? The skeleton key! I love this. Of course, we have a better lock on the door than the skeleton key one ;) But I'm keeping it just for decoration. I don't know why, but I love it.

Now, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with these built-in bookshelves that I love (part of the reason I wanted the house). I bought these two wooden words (believe (and imagine) from Marshall's for $10 each (below), but they only had cream (and yes, I know I cut off the "I" in imagine in the picture - I'm tired!). I could paint them black, perhaps, or a tan that matches the room. Or paint the backs of each of the shelf areas. What are your thoughts? I need opinions. (You can see the whole built-in here.)

I'm off to bed to dream about my next endeavor. Maybe by the end of this year, I'll start to feel like this is home again.


  1. I would probably paint the words.. they seem to get lost on the shelves.

    And I love your skeleton keys! I wish we had some. I found a blog where the girl used hers as art in her entry way.

  2. If you want any skeleton keys, my dad has a ton in his antique shop. I can send you some!



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