Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dresses, dresses, dresses (and a headband ;) )

First, a picture of one of my cuties in her shirt from yesterday. (Yes, I am aware binkies are not good for 1 year olds, but she has been grinding her teeth alot, and I give this to her when she does it so she stops).

Now onto last night's projects:

I bought this dress from I think Target awhile back for $4, and it was a few sizes too big. I ended up not liking it at all, and wanted to revamp it. Lol, I have had it for MONTHS - and of course never did anything with it. I totally had a plan yesterday to do what Nicole did here; but after trying to do something similar I gave up. I am not quite ready to be transforming dresses like this yet, lol.

So, I ended up deciding I didn't want to make it into a dress and instead, I used it as material for a couple other projects. I created a ruffle skirt for my daughter, using some of the material for rosettes, as well as some extra orange material I had. I also made a rosette headband which I read about Me and My Bucket's headband here, and I thought she was so creative! I made a braided headband with the material, then attached 3 rosettes and three flower buttons.

WARNING: Please ignore the crazy baby hair in the pictures below! She has curly hair (something I've never had experience with as mine is stick straight) and she refuses to put any hairbows/hairties in lately. It looks like Albert Einstein, but it's super cute!

Next up was a dress for my daughter out of scrap material I've had lying around. I loved the idea Brown Paper Packages had here for the ribbon around the color instead of the usual gathered look I do. So using material I had, an old t-shirt of my daughters (which is the blue stripe in the middle), and a contrasting ribbon, I created this dress for her.
And finally, I wanted to revamp a dress I bought a month or so ago. It was from Old Navy, and it looked like the dress to the right (well, style wise, not color/design wise). I absolutely adored it - but it was sooooooooooo long. I was seriously tripping over it. I could have hemmed it a bit, but in the summer, it's hot and I wanted a more summer-dress look. I cut it right above my knees so I could make it a flowy bottom-bubble like dress, and used stitch witchery to hold it in place. There was alot of material left over afterwards, so I made a sundress for my daughter out of it. NO, I'm not going to have us go around matching as all of my friends would make fun of me for. But I love the material and didn't want to waste it! Next year, it can be a tank top for her as well.

Oh, and one last thing. I LOVED this idea from At Second Street - So I made one of my own with a broken necklace I'd been keeping in my drawer in the hopes I would fix it someday. (It's been there for 3 years. Yes, I said 3). Now I can wear it again!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about your link. I've loved looking around your blog. I'm loving all your refashions and twisted flowers. Looks like were both have our minds on the same things.

  2. You are AWESOME!! Seriously!! I love the dress refashion and of course the headband is DARLING. I'm flattered that you liked my idea enough to make your own!!! I love your blog!!


  3. Very cute things! I'm following you :o)

  4. Wow, super cute stuff! You've been busy and it all looks great :)

  5. Oh My Stars! you are busy! Look at all those cute things! I want a matching outfit for my daughter and me! How fun!

  6. Dang, you've got some serious sewing skills! Everything turned out fabulous- but I especially love the little gray skirt!

    Thank you for linking this up to the Creative Therapy session, as well!

  7. everything is wonderful! you have such great ideas!I followed you from Delicious Ambiguity!

  8. LOVE them. So stylish. Seriously, your projects rock my world. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays!



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