Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foyer redo: Revamping Old Picture Frames, adding a Fabric Floral wreath

I picked up these picture frames for $0 at my Dad's house ;)  I love a good bargain! They were very old, and very beat up.

I got out the heirloom white spray paint, gave them two good coats after removing the glass and backing, and they looked fantastic! They looked like I had just bought them at a store. Perfect! I wanted them to have a different look and texture than normal picture frames and mats, so I found two of my favorite pictures - one of my mom as a young woman dancing in a short dress, and one of my dad curled up as a baby on my grandma's lap. I centered them on the material and cut out an appropriate size box from fabric squares, making the fabric the mat.
I then put the frames back together and I was very happy with the results:

I knew I wanted to hang them in my foyer with a sign I had bought that said "Family." I wanted a different pattern of hanging them, so I made a diamond with 4 nails. On the two side ones, I hung these frames, and on the bottom one I hung the family sign (which was $2.98 at Target last week).

What to do with the last nail?? I was at a loss, until I noticed a circular wreath-like cardboard piece lying near all my organizational stuff. Bingo! A wreath! I cut a few strips of the same fabric from the frames, made twisted fabric flowers, then dug out some of the other 100 fabric flowers I had made last week (I knew they'd come in handy!) I covered the cardboard with the matching fabric to hide any bare spots the flowers would leave. Then I began gluing on the flowers one by one. I love how it turned out! It's very small (about 8 inches around) but it's the perfect size for my very small foyer (which is literally like three feet long by three feet wide, lol).

I'm sorry the picture of everything together is sideways, a wierd angle, and small, but it's really hard to get a photo in a foyer that small!

Very happy with how it turned out, and I'm feeling like it looks pretty vintage and classy.

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