Thursday, May 27, 2010

Homemade hat in half an hour!

As I was reading blogs today, I came across this one from At Second Street. I knew I HAD to make one. She is so creative and did such a great job! Reaching into my trusty bag of old t-shirts that I use as scraps for projects, I found a blue one (pretty identical to the color she used).
I followed her directions, laid it out, cut out the pieces, measured twice, and began sewing. I made one mistake - I sewed the bottom of the hat together before I sewed on the brim, so I had to rip the stitches. This took a bit, otherwise, I would have been done in half an hour.

I did my roses a little different too, because after sewing the circles for the top of the hat, I realized I had made it too big and after cutting off the outside, I had a nice long strip of trimmed material that I used to make the roses. I also had some buttons that I liked so I attached those to the flowers.

I love this hat! It's lightweight, stretchy, and funky. I am going to make some in different colors to wear, because on the weekends I hate having to get up and do my hair (otherwise it sticks out everywhere!) Mine is not nearly as great as hers, but I don't think it's bad for a first try!

And then I thought I'd make my baby girl one for practice - I didn't end up liking the colors I put together, but it still turned out cute. I didn't get any pictures of her wearing it until she fell asleep, and since she fell asleep with it on I took a picture of that ;)

So thank you, At Second Street, for the awesome idea - I love it!



  1. Hey! I love the hat it's super cute! But my real reason for posting is because I was reading the new issue of BUST and I read about this blog: And I thought of you!

    Also, if you don't read BUST, you should. It's a great "women's" magazine, but for real women who interests beyond clothes and shoes (don't get me wrong, there are some clothes and shoes, but there are also DIY crafts, recipes, travel stories, articles are interesting people and not just lame celebs, etc).

  2. Thanks fro sharing your hat. I'm so glad you like it. You did a fabulous job. I hope it's okay, I'm linking back to you at my blog.

  3. SOOO cute!!!

    I left an award for you at my blog! I think you have a trendy blog :o)

  4. OMG, I Googled "Makeshift Hats" and your picture came up on page 10. You're the first person I've recognized in a Google search. Good job on the hat by the way and congrats on the MBA.

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