Mother's Day - Best Card Ever!

Today was your average, everyday mother's day - cards that my hubby got for the kids to sign, donuts (my favorite!) for breakfast, and then soon off to the in-laws for dinner.

Until about an hour ago. My four-year-old goes running upstairs, saying, "Mommy, I forgot, I have something for you!" I'm thinking it's a stuffed animal, as he often likes to "give" them to me to sleep with. He comes back downstairs with a card.

He opens it up and starts "reading" (which is him saying what he thinks the card says).

"Dear Mommy, You are the best mommy ever. Happy Mother's Day. I heart you."

And he had signed his name! Now this card was not a mother's day card - it was a card from his hope chest, meaning it was from when he was born. One that my dad had actually given us. But the fact that he found this, knew what to do with it, and made it just for me, well, I started crying.

Sometimes we get so frustrated by life - the kids don't listen, food gets spilled, messes are made, we run late, etc. that we need these simple moments to remind us that these little ones make life, no matter how hectic, the best day every day.

Happy mother's day to all the mommies out there! Missing my mom in heaven today, but so very thankful for my sweet bug-a-boos, who make every day the best day of my life!


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