Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Party Platter...for $2.99!

At Goodwill, I came across this pedestal platter that I loved the shape of but not the coloring - it was completely scratched up and just blah. Haha, I took these pics in the garage prior to sanding and painting - so please excuse the lawn mower and other debris in the background!

Brought it home, lightly sanded it, cleaned it, let it dry, then spray painted it with heirloom white, two coats.

Let that dry, brought it in and used my husband's blue acrylic paint to paint on blue swirls. I added some black spots to it, then took a dampened paper towel and began wiping it all off for two reasons:

a) I knew the blue swirls would leave a faded blue mark, and
b) I wanted the black to make it look slightly antiqued.

Finally, I used black acrylic paint to paint swirls all over the top. I'll complete this with a glaze on top of it tomorrow after it dries for 12 hours, and I'll have a pretty new original serving tray!


  1. Great find and even better transformation!

  2. Love it! Have you seen the serving trays made from a candle stick & plate?

  3. Thanks girls! I have seen those Nat - I just can't find the darn glass top for one! I have a candlestick and plate to use, and now I have this, if I could ever find a top at a garage sale or good will :(



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