Sunday, May 16, 2010

Patchwork Dress

Yay! I was featured on "Women Who Do It All" for this dress - so exciting!

After seeing an amazing array of dresses the past month from Brown Paper Packages, I wanted to make a patchwork one. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to my projects, with working full time and having two little ones who I love to spend time with, so, I wanted to make a slightly easier one (Brown Paper Package's dresses are gorgeous!! She really is an incredible seamstress!)

I took out the sewing machine tonight, along with some squares of fabric that I cut, and began sewing. Row one had six 6x6 squares; row 2 had 8; row 3 had 10, and row 4 had 12. Using a loose stitch on rows 2, 3, and 4, I gathered each row a little to add it on to the previous one. This gave the dress an outward, flowy look.

 I love contrasting prints, which is why I chose a ribbon that had some brown in it, to match the squares, but also threw some pink in. I think it's cute when the patterns stand out from each other. I also added in a matching hairclip that I can put on a headband and in her hair.

I absolutely love how this dress turned out! I can't wait for her to wear it out somewhere. I think my favorite part is that it's (gasp) blue and brown, and not pink! I know, I know, I am the queen of all things girly and putting my baby girl in pink, but I do love these colors with her olive skin tone.

Ah, enough ranting about sewing. I'm going to end with a couple pictures of my super-cute babies, just because I can ;)  lol:

My princess with her sunglasses, bink, and of course shirt praising daddy.

My bug-a-boo helping mommy make brownies in his new apron we made. I keep hoping he'll grow up to be a chef on the Food Network ;)

Have a great week all!


  1. This is SO dang cute! I love it! It looks simple enough...maybe! I'll have to try it out. My little girl would look so fabulous in one. Thanks

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  2. Love it! Super Cute :-) I adore handmade items. They're so original. I love homemade altogether!

  3. love all your clothing revamps! they look great, how fun!

  4. Hi! You’ve got a great blog here. I host a linky party every Tuesday called Tot Tuesdays. I’ve love it if you’d stop by and link up your great ideas for tots!

  5. Way cute - I too have a link up on Tuesdays if you'd like to stop by! Mandy,

  6. Cute dress! I hope you link up tomorrow for Make It Wear it!

    Andrea @

  7. Darling. You've got so many cute things to share. I'm definetly going to feature one of your projects tomorrow, but which to choose, which to choose?!

  8. OH! So cute. SO cute! I have some old dresses of mine that I have been saving to make something for my daughter. I am definitely going to consider a patchwork!

  9. That's adorable! As are your kids.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!

  10. Thanks all :) What an awesome response from everyone - you made my day!

  11. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays! I love the fabric on this dress!

  12. Oooooh! So cute! I love patchwork-y dresses!

    Thanks for linking!

    Brown Paper Packages



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