Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shirt Ruffle Revamp and Ruffle Floral Headband

I am sooooo excited that today I was featured on "Women Who Do It All" - Thank you so much for the opportunity Jill! It's so great to look out at all the blogs and see all the creative things women are doing. Sewing, crafting, decorating, parenting - we're a pretty amazing group ;)

And of course, excited about being featured, I had a burst of energy so after the kiddos went to bed tonight, I whipped out the sewing machine to make some more creations I'd been thinking about today.

Remember the shirt from last post? Yes, I used it today, lol ;) The blue one I bought at Old Navy because it was $2.99. I bought it about five months ago and I've worn it ... zero times. It was a little baggy, and the front came down a little too low, so I really have had it sitting in my closet right next to those jeans from high school 12 years ago that I swear I'm going to wear again someday.


Well, since I didn't use it last night, I had another great idea. I would combine it with another shirt I bought from Old Navy and wore once. (You guessed it - on sale for $1.99 - seriously, in the past I never would have worn these, and just gave them away eventually. Now I have my magical sewing machine and can remake these clothes into something totally wearable. Yay!) To the right is the shirt I cut up - a white blouse that, while I gathered it here to make it more fitted, was actually really baggy and I just looked frumpy in it. Blech.

I cut the white shirt into 5 strips, and fed those strips through the machine to be able to gather them into ruffles. Note: The white blouse is a material that will fray - but that is how I wanted the ruffles to be. I like the frayed look. I'll wash it on gentle and let it dry, and hopefully it will keep for awhile!

Please ignore my look. I've worn this headband all day and feel blah. Lol, and my bra seems to be shining through in this picture. Lovely.

But that's the finished product. I love it - looks a little more dressed up than a plain blue shirt.

I also made a headband with a few leftover strips of material from the shirt.

I heart sewing. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope the weather cooperates and everyone is able to enjoy spring in the great outdoors! I'll be participating in a 5K with a friend to benefit brain tumor research - go team!

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  1. Great inspiration for several of my tops that never get worn because they are so plain! Thanks for the tutorial =)



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