Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twisted Floral Headband & Spiced up Toddler t-shirt

I love headbands. Even more so, I love the NEW headbands that girls my age (30 - gasp!) are wearing - decorative ones!! And guess what? A lot of times, they are so easy to make with the appliques and other decorations you can buy in the stores. (Here is the one I'm writing about - please ignore my crafting mess in the background!)

Here is a simple headband with twisted flowers. Here's what you need:

  • fabric (I used just scraps)
  • a headband (mine is a plastic one that is looser - I can't stand tight headbands) You can also use a cloth one. My hair is just too short for those.
  • Fabric glue or a glue gun
  • any other elements you want (I used buttons and little flowers)
First, you cut the fabric into strips. Any size is fine. I usually cut two or three different sizes, so the flowers can be different sizes.

I usually hold one end between my knees then twist. You want it twisted, but you don't want it twisted so much that it starts coiling. You want a loose twist.

Once that's done, you start at the center and wind the length into a circle. You can use glue as you go, or do what I do and coil it all, then use glue on the back in certain areas to hold it together.

I go through and make all my flowers first.

Once they were all made, I tried different ways of arranging it on the headband until I found a layout I liked. I then put glue on the headband in that area, and pressed on my flowers.

For a final touch, you can add beads or other little elements. I used a button on the middle flower, and then rosettes on the end ones.

In the end though, I took the rosettes off before it dried. I liked it a little simpler.

And I had more roses left over!! So, what do I make? Hmmm....

Well, after asking my strong, amazing husband to open the glue bottle for me (because it had dried shut since last week, lol) I was able to set up my next project: Turning one of my daughters plain shirts into a girly shirt. With a matching hairbow. ;)

I took her plain green striped shirt from Old Navy and laid out where I wanted the flowers to sit.

Once I had a layout I liked, I put glue on the back of the flowers and pressed them to the shirt (please be careful with this - if you put too much glue, it will go through the front layer of the shirt and glue the shirt together, lol!)

Then, I added a few green beads here and there because I had them from a pillow I had dissasembled this week.

I took another flower, glued it to a hairclip, and then glued on some of the matching green beads.

Not bad for spicing up an average shirt! Two projects done with literally


  1. I love your ideas! We have a linky party on saturdays, you should come join!


  2. The toddler shirt is too cute!! Love the embellishments!!

  3. Awww, what a cute idea! Little boys are hard to dress up like that... I'll just have to wait for a girl someday =)



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