Thursday, June 24, 2010

31 before 31

I stole an idea from The Feminist Housewife, who has a "21 before 21" list of things she wants to accomplish before her 21st birthday.

I decided to do a "31 before 31" list, to make my 30th year something exciting, instead of something I was dreading. I started this back in April, and I think I'm comfortable posting it now. I just finished the list, because it's hard to think of new and exciting things you want to do in a year. I have six months left, so if you want to help me accomplish any of these, just let me know! I have six months left.

31 Before 31

1. Read 10 new novels

2. Go swing dancing.

3. Learn to sew and make myself something to wear out. Accomplished May 2010, my revamped dress

4. Sing karaoke. Sober. Okay, maybe just mostly sober.

5. Finish my two novels that I’m writing.

6. Go on a trip where I have to navigate alone. Accomplished May 2010 - trip to San Diego, navigating to Murreita and then Hemet.

7. Find a wine that I like. Accomplished May 2010, San Diego wine tasting - Moscato

8. Participate in the ABTA brain cancer walk. Accomplished May 2010 with Amy

9. Fix something big in the house myself, with tools, without asking for help.

10. Get a bike and take rides with the kids. Accomplished June 2010 - new bike from my MIL, and bike rack from Jake ;)

11. Take the kids to both the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry.

12. Have a date night overnight in the city, just the two of us.

13. Visit a state I’ve never been to before.

14. Write in the journals to the kids once a month.

15. Try seafood. Other than Salmon. (Cooked, not sushi) Accomplished September 2010 in New Orleans - Shrimp 

16. Perform a random act of kindness.

17. Tip a good waiter $50 on a $10 bill.

18. Make a blanket from my mom’s clothes. Accomplished June 2010 - Memory Rag Quilt

19. Write a love letter.

20. Cheer Alex on at a sports event. Accomplished August/September/October 2010 through Alex's baseball team! 

21. Visit Carrie in Indianapolis.

22. Make my own recipe. (A good one for all you laughing right now). Accomplished September 2010 - spicy marinated crackers 

23. Go ice skating on State street

24. Ride my bike along the Lake.

25. Organize all the bins sitting in storage.

26. Go to my first Bulls game ever.

27. Go to my first Blackhawks game ever.

28. Take a fun class.

29. Host a Halloween party.

30. Go horseback riding.

31. Go on a fake bachelorette party ;)


  1. Looks like a great list! I recommend shrimp for seafood. Or scallops. If prepared right, they are yumm-o. But I pretty much anything that is caught from the water. Even the raw stuff : )

  2. I've done a "101 things in 1001 days" list. I didn't do all 101 things. I think I should have put more things on the list that required money, plus I didn't realize how much life can change in 1001 days (I think that's 2.75 years) and the things I wanted to accomplish also changed. Oh well. Maybe I'll do a 30 before I'm 30 list. (That's in a little over two years.)

    \Go to Red Lobster. Easy way to try seafood - nothing too crazy there. But like Natalie, I am a big fan of all seafood.

  3. I have two words for you for the seafood - crab legs - nuff said. ;)

  4. the $50 dollar tip is very neat. waiters work hard!! and that would be one of those things that person talks about forever! I was always so happy when i got a $5 tip. $50 would have blown my mind. And also writing in a journal to your chilren. A beautiful idea. I think i'm going to start one!!! My little girl is about to be 11 months. I'm so sad i didn't read about that when she was first born. But it's NEVER too late! Thank you!



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