Friday, June 25, 2010

Fail Week: The Friday Fail!

Oh, thank you for all your sweet comments this week! I'm glad others have shared their fail experiences ;)  I'm not ashamed to say some of my projects fail - okay, most do - but I've become REALLY good at salvaging fails ;)

What a fun and liberating week this has been! Yes, I make mistakes, but guess what? I'm still pushing forward! So here is Friday's fail:

I bought this shirt (a Tommy Hilfiger shirt) at Goodwill. I loved the ruffles, and thought they would make a cute dress for my daughter.
It was my first attempt at adding sleeves to something. While I think I did okay, I did realize I made them a bit...awkward. Basically, my daughter had trouble bending her arms. And I sewed them too small, so they were really tight. :) Oh well. I still have to stitch-rip the sleeves off, then make it a tank dress. And fail #2 for the dress - there is nothing behind the buttons, but there is a gap. So as to keep my cutie pie modest, I'm going to just add a white square of fabric behind the buttons so no skin shows.
Ah, the joys of failure ;)  I will post a picture of the revised and renewed dress on Monday, after I work on it this weekend.
Have a fabulous day everyone, and an even better weekend!

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  1. I have failures quite frequently....especially when it comes to sewing! I'm pretty new to it!

    Such a cute idea! Hope that you can salvage it. = )

  2. I know this will turn out great for your daughter. Sometimes through failures, you can learn a better method to try next time anyway. Thanks for linking this to Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

  3. I'm sure the final product will be worth the 'fails' that got you to it. It's going to be really cute!
    Glad to hear you aren't discouraged. I've been sewing for about 40 years and you could stock a store with the 'wadders' I've thrown out!



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