Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fail Week: Thursday's Fail

Ah, Thursday. Another day in the "fail week" extravaganza! Thursday brings us to a slightly lesser fail than Tuesday (which shall be known as an epic fail from here on out due to the many revisions it took to make that dress right) and Wednesday. This was the best picture I could get of my daughter in the dress - she wasn't up for having her picture taken that day.

This project started off as a skirt. A very cute, floral-y, stretchy skirt that I fell in love with thanks to the ruffles on the bottom.
Anywho, I kept the length the same as the skirt. I cut off the top band, cut out the shape of the dress (similar to a pillowcase dress) and turned in and sewed the arm hole areas. The shape was pretty much a pyramid or triangle shape - I wanted it to be long and flowy, and keep all the ruffles.

First fail: Too hot of an iron. Please note: please consider the fabric you are using before ironing ;)  I did not. And as I turned in to iron the arm holes...I burned a hole in the fabric, lol! It was a polyster type blend. This is what I get for watching the Lifetime network while sewing. I lose all of my senses! Luckily it was right along the edging, so I just cut the arm holes a little (both, so they match) and reironed on a lower heat.

Then I took the skirts band, which was elastic, and cut it to size to fit in sort of a boat-neck shape. I then sewed it onto the skirt material after pinning. Finally, I cut some strips out of the extra material and sewed right down the middle of them to create ruffles, which I then sewed in place on the front neckline. I also made a fabric flower (because can I make anything without a fabric flower anymore??)
Then it was complete!

I can already hear you saying, "wait, the iron was the only fail? It's not that big a fail!"

No, it isn't. I also sewed the arm holes two different sizes. I don't have a picture, but the left arm hole is 1.75 inches longer than the right one. haha, I realized after putting it on her that I hadn't measured along the length far enough up on the left one so that they were even. A simple fix that I just handstitched, but a fail none-the-less.

Did I mention these were all sewn the same night? Yes, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today's fail were all sewn on Friday night. Lovely. And as an added bonus, tomorrow's fail was ALSO sewn on Friday. Want a sneak peek? It's a tutorial on how NOT to add sleeves to a dress. ;)

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  1. Hi! I came over from Make it, Wear it. Lol, I love your post. I think you did a great job of making some lemonade from your lemons, and it's wonderful to read a blog where someone displays their failures alongside their triumphs. I think it ended up looking great!



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