Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fail Week! Tuesday

Since I've failed learned a few lessons the past weekend about my sewing, I thought it would be a perfect week to host a "Fail Week" - if that tells you anything. :)  Sometimes the best way to learn is a failure, and boy, did I learn ALOT.

First fail: No Monday post.

Now onto the real fails. On Thursday night last week, I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up some women's skirts and shirts that I thought would make cute dresses for my daughter. Washed them, dried them, and Friday afternoon my hubby asked if I would mind if he went to watch the baseball game with the guys. I of course said "Go ahead!" and added that I'd miss him.

It's my little secret, and I'd never tell him, but I enjoy his nights out with the guys. It gives me free time, after the kiddies are in bed, to do my own stuff - like sew, read, watch the Lifetime channel ;)

I grabbed the clothes after we had tucked the kids in and he was out the door. I looked at them with wide eyes and big dreams, and I got to planning in my head.

I picked out the first item to transform: a women's skirt in a beautiful green, yellow and white pattern. I LOVED it, and since my little one has olive/tan skin, I knew it would look perfect on her with those colors popping. Here is the beautiful skirt before:

Here's the failure I made - not measuring. I "guestimated" my daughter's size using her current clothes, which would normally work fine. If I was working with stretchy material. I, however, was not - and did not take that into account. What I ended up with for my first outfit was a dress that would have fit a cabbage patch! I couldn't get it over my daughter's head even!

Failure or not, I really liked how it turned out! I thought it was soooo cute! And darn it, it would have fit her if it had a little stretch. :( hmph!! See those shoulder straps? Yeah, her head was NOT fitting through them. It was truly funny. My 19 month old is looking at me with this frumpy look like, "MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! IT'S NOT GONNA FIT!" And here I am, with this exhasperated, "But it's so cute! What in the world did I do wrong?" look.

Luckily, I was able to grab the stitch-ripper and take off the straps. I needed to widen the top band, because I couldn't get it on her (too small). I ended up taking some white cotton material I had and cutting it to size (har har, yes I measured this time!) I even cut it much wider than necessary, cut slits down both sides of the dress and added a white panel to each side. I then folded the panel (hard to explain, but I will show with pictures tomorrow), and sewed it into place. The reason I made the panels larger and folded them is that this dress can then grow with her. I can simply let out the sides a bit next year to make it fit.

I also added new straps, and tried it on her... Fail #2: Straps are too long. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't win. I think I have a measuring inability!!!!! I just have to take them up a half inch tonight and they will be fine.

Lol, stay tuned tomorrow for pictures on the "After" product, along with a new FAIL! (Yes, from the same batch. I made 4 dresses that night. Oh, the things you will see this week!)

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  1. I think it is darling! Give it to another little girl with a tiny head!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!! I love bloggers who aren't afraid to post their failures...come back and link these up to Fail Friday at my place. Thanks so much for linkin' up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)



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