Monday, June 28, 2010

Fourth of July Flag!

In an effort to have at least ONE 4th of July decoration, I attempted to make a flag tonight.

I bought this plaque at a garage sale for a quarter. It is very funny, but I knew I didn't want this hanging in my house ;)

Lol, it is pretty funny ;)

With some white felt, some red fabric strips, and some blue and white starred scrapbook paper, I was able to make a cute flag that also had two rosettes on it. It's not proudly up by my television!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a GREAT week - and don't forget to thank all the soldiers past, present and future who have given their time and their lives to give us the reasons for celebrating the 4th of July.


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  1. Cute flag! That plaque was kinda funny -- but I'm with you -- I wouldn't want it hanging in my house. I love your flag in lieu of it though!! :)



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