Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Redoing my daughter's room - Part III

It's been an exhausting few days! Yikes! But I am sooooo happy with the results of this redo too! Very excited. My kid's rooms (and mine) have always been just a mish mosh of things I put together. Nothing ever matches. For example - her room was butterflies, because the border was already up in the house when we moved in. So I just added more butterflies. But it just looked like a mess.

First, let me show you the previous posts about this room redo:
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I haven't been able to find a border that I like for her room, and I really found a lot of cute paint techniques, but to be honest, I just didn't feel like painting the whole thing. (I know, lazy lazy!) But our rooms are so tiny, I didn't want to do any of the techniques I saw either because they would all make the room look smaller.

So, I went with using the very cool scrapbook paper I posted about earlier (here and here) to make a new border. All I did was cut the pieces of paper in half (they were 8.5x11) and used those. I cleaned the wall first, and just put mod podge on the wall over the old border, put the paper on, then mod podge over. Let me say...this took FOREVER for a 10x11 room, but was so worth it! I just love the results.

The next step comes tomorrow - I'm putting a strip of trim above and below the border to frame it in. I can't wait to see how it looks!

First, I want to show the cost of this project so far:

  • Paper - $4.60
  • Mod Podge - $3.98 ($6.99 with 50% coupon)
  • Picture frames- FREE - I already had, just mod podged the paper inside to make them match the border.
  • Butterfly wall hooks - FREE - I already had, just mod podged the matching paper on those as well.
  • Wall plaques above door - FREE - they were made from old picture frames that I already had, and just changed with the matching paper (read more about it here)
  • Gift boxes - FREE - already had when someone gave us a gift in them, and I covered them with the matching paper.
Here is the paper I picked out (I actually went back yesterday and picked out a couple more patterns)

No more boring room! I found scrapbook paper on sale a Hobby Lobby. Some was nine cents, some was ten cents, and I spent abotu $5.00 total on the paper. And $6.99 on mod podge at Michael's, but I had a 50% off coupon. Here are a couple sneak peeks of the not-yet-finished room. I can't wait to show off the finished product, then move on to my son's room!

And finally, my daughter, who usually ends up sleeping on the floor instead of her bed. I have no idea why, but I usually find her somewhere on the floor snuggled up to a book and have to put her back in bed, lol.

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  1. oh i love the border!!! it looks so cute! just gives me nice ideas for my room :)

  2. love it I love the framed princess picture the best

  3. Thats cute! I love that paper!!!!!! Thanks for linking!

  4. What a fun room - trimming it out will make all the difference!

  5. The border looks so cool. Seeing your daughter asleep, on the floor, reminds me of mine during quiet time. She wouldn't go down for a nap so I told her you get to play quietly inyour room for a while. More times than not she would fall asleep on the floor next to her lovey. Awww! She's 12 going on 13 to I have to remember those quiet precious moments. They don't happen often

  6. Nice work, I love how you used the scrapbook paper to make a border, very smart! Love the pic of your daughter pooped out on the floor, how very precious.

  7. WOW!!! Those papers are so fun!



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