Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Redoing my daughter's room: Part II

Well, I loved the plaques I made to hang above her bed yesterday, so I turned my attention to some gift boxes I had saved for the last few years. They were blue polka dots and stripes (for a boy), so utilizing the papers I bought, I made them match the other future decor of her room. The way I have them, I can stack them or put them next to each other with different parts of the patterned papers showing to match the room. Lots of mod podge + hot glue = boxes ;)

Before: (okay, the dots are what you're looking at - I forgot to take the before picture til I was almost done with the last box!)


Box 1

Box 2:

And Box 3: Any suggestions for what word(s) to put on there?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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  1. ...maaaay be random, but how about just a box for regular uncatagorised nick-knacks? you can maybe name it Hidden Treasures?? :/ i'm no mom, but i hope that helped!

  2. I love that Shruti! That's is such a perfect title for and use for that box. I'll be making my "Hidden Treasures" box tonight!!

  3. Hidden Treasures is def. cute! Have you thought about making a bow holder for the wall?

  4. Hi, I came by because I loved ur blog title, I'm "Not Just A Mommy!"

  5. Thats super cute! Thanks for linking it to gettin' crafty on hump day! Now the real test is whether or not she actually manages to get her things inside the boxes lol...I know I struggle with that daily lol



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