Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tank top - Anthropologie style -

I am sooooo excited to have put this shirt together. Woo hoo! It doesn't look exactly as I wanted it to turn out (which was exactly like Happy Together's) - but it isn't too shabby.

When I saw this post by Happy Together, I couldn't wait to get home and try this. I knew EXACTLY what shirt I wanted to use. Once the kiddos were in bed, out came the sewing machine and my very high hopes of pulling this off ;)

I used four different types of material: the old shirt, the bottom stretchy band of an old maternity shirt that I cut to fit; some white knit fabric I had as scrap; and white see through material for the bow.

I followed Happy Together's steps, and completed my shirt. The only thing I didn't follow exactly was the bow, and I used a material I don't love. I'm going to try some new material tomorrow in order to make the bow bigger and puffier.

But I am pretty happy to have a new shirt, and one I created myself.

Now go check out Happy Together's blog - she is full of creative ideas!



  1. oh.. I wish I could sew. Maybe I could just get you to make me one. Pretty please.

  2. I think it looks great! Very pretty :)

  3. Super cute!!! I like how it turned out :)

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