Thursday, July 29, 2010

15-Minute Reversible Gift/Jewelry Satchel

This is the perfect way to wrap small presents for girls, babies, ladies, girlfriends, get the point ;) These are nice and easy to make - mine literally took me 20 minutes the first time I did it, and now takes about 15.

I had made about a zillion hairbows over the last few weeks, so I wanted to give some away. (Shocking, I know, but really, how many hairbows can my daughter have??) But, I didn't want to just put them in a gift bag or a box - I wanted it to be a little special. Enter -- cinch sack ;)

You need for this:

Something to measure a really big circle (I know some people have tools; I used the lid of a cake cover, lol)
Two fabrics you like
a ribbon/length of jersey knit leftover from another project/string/ something to make the drawstring with
Two buttons
A sewing machine (or I imagine you could do this with fabric glue too, it would just take longer)
Safety pin (optional)

There are two three ways to do this bag:

First is with a raw edge, which is my preference. I think it gives it sort of a vintage look.
Second is with a finished edge, which gives it more of a classy look:

Third is with pockets, which makes it great for giving jewelry or traveling with your own jewelry:

So let's go through how to make the circles for all of them:

Measure your circle. I placed the two fabrics on top of one another in order to cut both circles at once. As you can see, I only use the most highly sophisticated measuring utensils ;)

Now, here's how you make the raw edge: place the fabrics back to back, and sew a circle around the outer edge, about 1/4 inch in leaving an inch long unsewn area between your start stitch and end stitch so that we can put in the drawstring. Do another row about an inch below that first one, to put the drawstring in the middle of your two stitched rows/circles. As you can see in the second picture below, make sure your fabrics are back to back. I put mine back to front. FAIL. Have you noticed on my blog I fail alot? It's getting a little embarrassing to showcase this!! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACKSTITCH AT THE BEGINNING AND END OF EVERY STITCH YOU DO! (Just a helpful hint to keep your stuff from falling apart ;)!)
Oh, just so you can peek, here are the settings I kept my machine on. Once you have the two outer rows sewn, sew a circle in the center. you can measure, but honestly, you can wing it. I don't draw out the center circle, I just free hand it. If I feel fancy, I do a squiggly wiggly circle so I look all artsy ;)

When you're done, it will look like this: (ignore the folds you see in the fabric - I did not intentionally put those in. They were just from the fabric being folded up in storage). Next put a safety pin on one end of your string (I used old 1 inch wide strips of t-shirt) and thread it through the opening and the row you stitched.

Next, pull the strings to the sides of the opening as much as you can. In the open area, sew it closed a bit, so there is only the small opening for the strings. If you roll the edge of your string a little, you can thread it through a larger button, and back through the other button hole. Then tie a knot to keep it from sliding off or letting the string pull back into the satchel. Ta-da!! It is a reversible bag!

Now here is way #2. Cut your circles, put them front to front. Sew around the other edge, sew the second row just as you would have in the steps above. BEFORE YOU SEW THE CENTER CIRCLE, FLIP YOUR SATCHEL RIGHT SIDE OUT! Now sew the center circle! You can thread the string through the same way as with the other one, and again, it's reversible.

If you want to make pockets all the way around the inside, cut out two circles slightly smaller than your bigger two. BEFORE you've sewn your bigger two circles together, decide which pattern is the inside and which is outside. Sew your two smaller circles together with the second method (no raw edges) and align it in the middle of your inside fabric. Sew a circle in the middle to hold the smaller circle to the bigger one. Now, just sew from the center of the smaller circle up towards the top, making several of these all the way around, to form pockets.

Now go and sew your two big circles together (facing front to front for a classy look, back to back for the vintage look) then flip it back right side out with the one inch opening for the string and follow the rest of the directions. You will still sew the two big circles together with the center circle so they stay together.

So again, these are the three bags you can make:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me ;) Thanks again!

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  5. Great idea I like using re-useable bags for my gifts!

  6. I love how this turned out, especially with that silky fabric :)

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  7. I love your bag tutorial:) Thanks for sharing it with us..I'll try this out with my daughters:) Have a great week!

  8. Just popping over from Life in the Pitts...

    This is a great - and CUTE - idea! I'm bookmarking it for the next girly birthday party around here...

  9. These gift bags are marvelous, and it's great they can be sewn in a small amount of time. Thanks for sharing this! Following along now thru Whatever Goes Wednesday. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  10. So cute, and what a nice way to give a gift! Thanks for linking! :)

  11. This is just adorable and looks fairly simple to make.

  12. Great idea. And thanks for both tutorials!

    Thanks for linking up!

  13. Great idea. So quick too! I may use them for party favors for a small shower I am planning.

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