Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Rag Quilt...from My Son's shirts

Soooo....what do you do with the oodles of t-shirts you have saved over the last 4 years from your son?

Turn them into a rag quilt! (Apologies for the really bad picture, but I took it with my phone because I was being lazy in a hurry for work.)

Remember my last quilt?  Yeah. This one's not that big. lol! I also have been swamped for time the last month, and since I'm making him a superguy quilt like this one for his birthday (with his superguy shirts from the past two years), I thought this would be quick, simple and easy in the meantime.

I used three sized square box lids (I know, I'm the epitomy of high-quality utensils for sewing and measuring, aren't I?) and cut out shapes from the shirts. Just used whatever lid captured the whole design with an inch or so border for ragging. And no, I didn't pre-plan the design. Note: Please pre-plan your design. It is so time-consuming to put the pieces together after just haphazardly cutting. But I don't use patterns. I'm such a rebel. But I wish I would have. It was tough to sew this way too!

Before: Laying out the pattern:
And after:

It's not quite adult sized, but perfect for my little almost 5 year old!

I even used old bibs for pockets, where he can hide his superguys.

Have a great day!

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