Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Skirt to Shirt - I heart upcycling.

Another of my old skirts. It was going to go in the GoodWill pile since it doesn't fit isn't something I choose to wear anymore, but I thought it would be a fun challenge to turn it into a tank top/tunic for my daughter.
I love making skirts into new things: here, here, here and here!
First, I cut off the waist band. Then, I cut the zipper out of the back, then measured elastic around her upper body near her armpits to see how much elastic I needed. I sewed closed where the zipper was. I sewed the elastic (1 inch elastic) to one end of the back near where the zipper was removed, then sewed the other end to the other side (so the ends were touching). Make sure your elastic isn't twisted.

Then, I simply stretched the elastic and pinned it to the material in intervals, then sewed them together. I used the band to make the straps. To do this, I just flipped it inside out (one side was already sewn), and sewed down the length, flipped it back right side out, cut it to the correct size for each strap, then sewed those on.

I sewed a little flower on the front, but I like the shirt better plain, so I'll be removing that. (But I kept it on for pictures in case you wanted to do something similar).

Thanks! Have a great Monday!
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