Monday, July 26, 2010

A dress...or a tunic, thanks yet again to my measuring fails!

Well, I had intended for this to be a dress. And it totally would have been ... if my daughter were 3 months old ;)  Oh well - it turned out to be a pretty cute tunic! She loved it too - didn't fuss with the ribbon and it seemed to be pretty comfortable for her. Yay!

All I did was take some already smocked (is that the right term, I'm having brain freeze) material and measure it around her, cut and sewed it down the length. I then took fabric I had (scrap fabric), folded the bottom twice and sewed so it was clean, sewed the two pieces together, pinned where I needed the straps to be sewn in the front (the straps are just black ribbon), and then attached another piece of ribbon around the dress by hand stitching. I also added a pink flower right in the middle of the belt.

I made the hairbow out of ribbon I had, too. I did not make the leggings. If I had, you'd know because:

a) I'd either write an entire post bragging about the awesome-ness of them if I had made leggings that actually looked as good as the ones she's wearing, or
b) they'd be three feet too long for her legs, they wouldn't cover her rear and one leg would be even longer than the other ;)

I let them stand up on the couch (no jumping though!) while I took a picture. Which surprisingly, my son wanted to be in. Usually he says, "mom, no more pictures!!"

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  1. As a mom that is also way more than "just a mom" I love your posts and what you make just puts a grin on my face.



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