Monday, July 19, 2010

An Elmo Birthday!

My daughter's birthday isn't until November. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret - I am already planning the party! No, I'm not that organized and good - it's just that I find it easier to purchase things throughout the year when I find them on sale (to save whatever money I can), and this month I happened to find Elmo (her current love) party decorations on clearance at Target. Score!

Table cloth, plates, napkins, and cups for a total of $5? Yes, I think I will!

I found a red long sleeve shirt clearanced at Walmart the other day too and picked it up. And so I made her birthday shirt because:

I am that organized.
I am so far ahead in the crafting game that I am into November's goals.
I have so much free time I thought, why not?
I was avoiding housework and am too impatient to wait to make something when I have an idea and the shirt was sitting on my table calling my name.
Now, I knew I wanted a #2 on the shirt. And I wanted Elmo on there. I thought about buying an old shirt at Goodwill or something with Elmo and cutting him out and attaching it like an applique but...I am impatient. And the shirt was here and I just had to do it NOW. (I know, I'm insane.)

Maybe I could make Elmo, I thought. So out came and a search of Elmo images. Hmmm, he has a pretty simple yeah, I think I can.

I cut out a head from some old red fabric from a sleeve of a tshirt I used to make my son's memory quilt. Then two eyes of white fabric from the tshirt I used to make my flower shirt last week. Then an orange nose from a leftover square of fabric from another rag quilt I'm making. And finally a black mouth from some black fabric I had.

You see the orange 2? Well, that didn't work, lol. We'll call that Fail #1. (And to be honest, Fail #2 as well, until I gave up and used felt instead).

In trying to remove the one part of the orange two I stitched onto the shirt (I've never done appliques, so figuring out this machine when there is no manual has been a challenge), I actually cut a little hole in the shirt. So I grabbed my felt, made my two slightly bigger to cover the miniature hole, and then pinned and sewed the 2 on. :) Success!

Then I placed Elmo's head in place, pinned, and sewed. Then the eyes; then the nose; then the mouth. Finally, I hand sewed buttons on for eyes.

Now, I know the lines are squiggly. I know some threaded areas are thicker: this is on purpose (mostly!). I wanted a vintage-y look. I didn't want it quite so squiggly but like I said, it was my first time ever doing something like this.

Overall, I am VERY pleased! I think it needs something else to make it a little more girly, but I'm not sure what yet. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I cannot wait (four months) to put her in it!!

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  1. So cute...stumbled across your blog for the first time. Nice to meet you :)!

  2. I LOVE this!!! That Elmo is super cute!

  3. that is very cute, I'd have never thought to do something like this.
    stopped in from look what i made



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