Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hairclip for Daughter ... but Maybe Mommy Will Borrow it!

After seeing all of these beautiful tulle/lace/organza flowers out there, I knew it was fate wanting me to make some when I found in the clearance scrap bin at Hobby Lobby none other than tulle, organza, and silver silk material. Really?? $5.93 later, and I was walking out of the store one happy and excited future flower maker!

Now, if you've read my posts before, you know I love to make fabric flowers:
Yes, you could call me a flower fool! I love flowers as accessories. So Friday night with the kids in bed and the hubster out with his friends, I settled back on the couch with my glue gun heating up, my sewing machine on, and some Lifetime television on in the background.

I don't have pictures of these steps. I was too excited to start. Sorry! First, I cut my circles. Three different sizes from each of the three materials: tulle, silky, and organza. I used a small bowl for the biggest, a cup for the middle one, and my camera lens cover for the smaller ones. I didn't cut perfect circles, but instead a slightly wavy edge to give them a messy look.

Once the circles were cut, I seared the edges with a candle flame. You don't want to burn the edges, so don't put it into the flame. Just near. The heat will sear the edges so they don't fray. I did this on all the pieces.

Then I did two different styles. The first was to layer some of the circles (I just picked randomly pieces from the different piles and pieced them together. I also had one layer of white felt that I cut a small circle of for the backing, which I could then glue clips to.

For this first style, I sewed the pieces together, messily, two pieces at a time. So the back two pieces I stitched together. Then I picked two more, and sewed those onto that back layer, and so on until 8 pieces were sewn on (only one piece of silk though, to give it some color).

Then I hot glued on 3 pearls.

The next one, I glued all of the 8 pieces together with just a dab of hot glue in the middle of each layer, gluing the first (back) layer to the piece of felt. Then, I put hot glue in the middle of the top layer and placed on a vintage button I had, and sort of wrinkled up the middle to make the flower look a little wavy. No sewing on this one.

The finished product:

And these were pretty big. Like, too big for my head big. Cute for a little girls hat, but definitely too big for my head! I looked like a moron, and no, I'm not posting that picture, lol! But it did look nice on shirts:

And, I also made two smaller ones that weren't as big as my daughter's head, lol, and put them on a headband I had. I LOVE it. So much fun to make. I can see myself making a zillion more with different fabric middles. Oooh, thought: I bought a stick wreath at a garage sale for a quarter this weekend! I think I'm going to make these as the decoration for it! (it was bare)

Guess I know what my next post will be!

Here are these beautiful flowers at play. I love her range of emotions in a 30 second time span. And yes, again, there are cookies on her face. I admit it: 90% of the time I have to resort to bribery to keep ANYTHING on her head/in her hair. I'm lucky I even got pictures, lol!

Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. I haven't tried to sear the edges of material yet, but you have convinced me to TRY! Thanks, they are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Cute! I'd love it if you'd join my topsy turvy tuesday's party tomorrow! http://imtopsyturvy.com

  3. Awwwww, so sweet! Thanks for linking!! :)



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