Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My first attempt at pants...

Please note that this was my first attempt at pants.

And that I didn't use a pattern, except for folding a pair of my daughter's pants in half and using that for a guide.

And yes, I even made the little sticky-outy part for the booty area. (That's the very technical term, you know ;) !!)

I sewed the leg parts together wrong. I unstitched them and started again.

I sewed them together right.

I folded the top over to make the band, then folded it over again. I sewed all the way around leaving an opening to thread through the elastic.

I sewed that up, sewed on the ruffles I made, and was so proud. I put them on her and...

Wait for it...


They didn't go over her booty!! I have heard of hipster pants, but these were even a little much ;)

So back to the drawing board. I cut off the waist band, cut two pieces of material that matched the ruffles to make a bigger waist band, and started the waist band process again. This time - much better.

Oh boy, what an experience. I do NOT like making pants, but I'm pretty proud that I actually managed to make a pair she can wear. I especially love the ruffles - I took two four inch strips and sewed them together so the ruffle on both sides was the right side of the material, Then I ruffled them, sewed them onto the pant leg, and made a small bias trim out of a coordinating material. I sewed that on, and added a button.

So with yesterday's dress, combined with today's pants (which I guess she could wear together but it might look a little clowny), I was able to take $8 worth of scrap material and make two cute things, with plenty left over for some more projects. That's always a good day in my book!

Have a great week!

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  1. Nice save! I bought a pattern for shorts on Etsy for $6 and have just lengthened it to make pants. Honestly that $6 was so worth it because I probably wouldn't have cut it right around the booty either and I wouldn't have had the patience to fix it like you did. I think I like the pants BETTER with the fix you did, than if they had some out right in the first place. SO well done!

  2. That's kind of funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who goofs up. Thanks for posting your mistake!

  3. You did better than I could. Those are ADORABLE! I love big ruffly pants...if only I had a girl to put them on... :)

  4. Love the ruffles on the bottom and kudos to you for fixing it! I usually just toss it if it goes wrong. . .

    Thanks for linking,



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