Thursday, July 22, 2010

A new kind of flower - are you tired of these yet?

Let's just say the last week has been stressful, and when I'm stressed, I craft. Well, partly. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday organizing my crafting area, which is almost as good as crafting. Then I spent Tuesday night making two big craft fails, which I'll show you sometime soon.
But last night, I chose to make flower clips. Because crafting makes me focus on something other than life and that de-stresses me. ;)
I intended to make one or two hairclips. Yeah. That didn't turn out as planned. I made like, 10! These were so different from what I usually make. I cannot remember where I saw the tutorial (well, I saw like 3 of them) so I'll just tell you how to do it because I didn't take pictures. I was stressed, remember?!
Here is what you need for each flower:

  • A felt circle (Mine was about an inch diameter, but you can make them bigger)

  • Sixteen 5-inch circles (or bigger or smaller, depending on what size you want your clip. I used tulle for some and fabric for others. Or 8, if you aren't going to make the petals two-sided)

  • Sixteen 4-inch circles (again, bigger or smaller, depending on the size you want your clip. I used tulle for some and fabric for others. Or 8, if you aren't going to make the petals two-sided)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Decorative Center

  • An extra two inch circle of fabric (only if you are going to cover buttons with it for the center piece. If you do this, hot glue the button to the unprinted side of the fabric circle, cut ever 1/8 inch all the way around so that you can fold over the pieces and glue them to the back of the button in a circle. I have a picture of it below.)

  • An alligator clip.

  • A length of felt or fabric to cover the alligator clip.
The first thing I did was cut out all my circles. I had fun doing this actually! Just freehanded them while watching tv. I think when they're not perfect they give the item more character. Also, you can seal the edges of the fabric if you don't want the frayed look (here's a disclaimer: please evaluate your fabric first! don't try to sear the edges of tulle - it's not worth the fire hazard risk!!) Just hold the edges near (not in, not on, not through) a candle flame. This will sear the edges of many fabrics. I wanted fray edges though.

Then I gathered my assembly items, and put the fabric buttons together. Here is the button with the cuts that I will fold over and glue.

Next, I began assembling. You take two big circles, bacl to back, and fold them half together, then fold it in half again. This makes a mini-triangular ruffle. (If you like it with the back showing for a contrasting look, you can just use one circle at a time. I did this for the silky looking flower, but the fabric ones I used two). I put some glue between teh fold at the bottom, and again on the outside of one side, and attached it to the felt circle. Then I did three more and put them all around the felt circle.

I did the same with the smaller circles, but this time putting them on top of two of the bottom triangles, but centered between them to cover up any small gaps and make it look fuller.

Finally, I glued felt or fabric onto the alligator clip, and attached it to the back of the flower on the other felt piece.

(Please ignore the ugly manicure. I need to paint my nails again!)

Finally, glue the button in the center.

And ta-da, you have AWESOME hairbows/clips/accessories to use!

And the BEST part about my trip to Hobby Lobby to search for fabric was -- well wait, there were two. First was that I found four 1-yard sections of tulle for 63 cents each in the clearance bin, all different colors! I was super excited. It was like a sign from above that I should make more flowers ;)

Second was finding a yard and a half of this fabulous fabric! More than I would ever normally pay for scrap bin fabric ($8) but I fell in love with it and had to have it. I think it reminds me of a shirt my mom used to have, and I'd like to try and make my little one a shirt or dress out of it. Any suggestions or patterns you can point me to that would be cute with this fabric? (Okay, I know it's plaid, but I love it!)

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Have a great Thursday, everyone!



  1. LOVE madras.. half of the boys shorts are all plaid of some sort.

    I'm thinking a pair of shorts would be cute or even a simple jumper. The fabric is so cute, you don't want anything TOO fancy.

    Have you made her any ruffle pants yet? You'll love those.

  2. I really like making flowers too and I have never tried this one. Looks like its time to try. Thanks for the tip on the covered buttons I have only seen the ones you buy in kits and this way is so much more easier.

  3. Love the tulle bows, I need to make some for my daughter. super cute! Jenn



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