Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Musical Rag Quilt

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After seeing all of the awesome quilts out there in blogland, I decided to make another. My awesome niece Kate had a piano recital this weekend (her brother, Sam, who is also awesome, also had one - but I am not very apt at homemaking gifts for 16 year old boys, lol), and so I wanted to make her a little gift. She's a really great piano player - she really wows me with how good she is for 12 years old.

Anyway, I had some musical fabric, so I wanted to make her a rag quilt with it. It was black and white, so I used some other black and white fabrics I had to make squares, along with some pink to add just a pop of color. (Note: Kate does not like pink, but I didn't have green, and I was trying to use all materials that I had!) I just hoped that she would like it!

Well, here it is all done. I had a lot of fun making it, and hopefully she will have fun using it. ;)

Complete with a musical note ;) 

The back has a strip of very fuzzy pink.

Thanks for visiting, and have a GREAT week!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Burlap Bag. Is It Even Cute? Ugh.

This was a fail. Not just a fail, but an epic, heartbreaking fail. Because I was sooooooooo looking forward to having a cute new purse for tomorrow. Looks like I'll be trying to redo this purse over the weekend. I managed to salvage it into a tote bag, but honestly...blah.

I saw this bag yesterday from La Maison Reid. It was gorgeous! I totally wanted to make one just like it. So I stopped by Hobby Lobby, snuck my bag with the goods past my husband ("Oh don't worry honey, it's just a bag I brought to work with me to show some fabric to my friends." bwahahahaha!) and got to work.

I cut the burlap. Which wasn't easy. It's sort of like trying to pick up an ice cube with a fork - messy! Here's where my first mistake was:

I didn't look at her tutorial. I thought, in typical Allie fashion, I can just wing it. Um, no Allie, you can't.

So anyway, cut the pieces, sewed them together (except I gave mine a bottom, instead of just a flat purse), and then sewed the lining. The first attempt to attach the lining was beyond an epic fail (and you realize at this point I don't have pictures. I'm all about sharing my successes AND failures, but not tonight. I'm too crabby, lol!)

Finally got the stupid thing together, sewed in the lining and the straps, and glued on the roses. And it looks...okay. That's all I can muster. I am totally in love with the fabric I used for the lining. it was in the scrap bin. I must go back and purchase a few yards of it tomorrow.

So La Maison Reid, I'm sorry that I butchered your perfectly wonderful tutorial. Please rest assured that this weekend, I will be following it to a T ... and will hopefully have something better than this time-consuming tote bag disaster!

Have a great weekend!


I love flowers ;)

In a quest to add to the never ending pile of hairbows I am creating to give away as holiday gifts, I created some more tonight. I love the singed edge ones. It's part of my little:


Take a peek if you have a chance. I'd like this idea to spread across the country (or world). How awesome would that be?!

So here's what I made:

So anyway, they've become part of the pile of goodies that will be going to the little girls at the shelter, and the mommies. (the boys get toys. I'm not good at sewing for boys!)

Well, have a wonderful evening, blogging folks! Thanks for reading ;)
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Smocking - My very first attempt

I really, really wanted to learn how to use this elastic thread. And make an entire smocked top. But I know I have to start slow. Soooo...I smocked 5 rows on this pink, flannel-y fabric, and then added another fabric on with regular thread to make it a nighshirt.

However, I mismeasured for where the straps need to go. So I have to fix that so it fits. But I like the smocking! It worked out pretty well, and I can't wait to use it again. This was my test project - now I can do a real one.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elastic Thread: Tshirt into a nightgown


Yes, that's how I feel about this project. It was my very first attempt at using elastic thread. Which, in my first attempt last week, I decided to just try and figure it out myself instead of reading how. FAIL! Yeah. It was a mess. I had no idea how to make it work. So I caved, checked out the internet, and figured it out.

But I didn't feel like attempting it again yet, so the thrifted t-shirt (size adult small) and thread sat on my table, staring me down daily and daring me to try it again. Today I caved.

I gathered up my supplies, and decided to test the method out on a sleeve. The shirt was a thrifted shirt from Goodwill. It says "I'm a Pepper" and I bought it because I drink Dr. Pepper. Alot of it. And I thought it would be cute for her to wear it. My little one is almost 2, and she loves nightgowns instead of shorts and a shirt.

I used the elastic thread method on one sleeve. It worked. I did the other sleeve. It worked again. I put a loop of it all the way around like an empire waist, to make it fit her better. Then I turned the color in and used the thread around there too, so the neck wasn't so wide. It worked!

I LOVE how this turned out. Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!! :) Lol. I am so excited to find a bunch of t-shirts that I like and use them for this purpose!


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Chiffon and Ribbon Headband

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I stopped at good ol' Hobby Lobby today to see if there were any new clearance fabric (I swear I have a problem. I can't buy anything that is not marked down in some way.)

There are 2 Hobby Lobby's I go to - one near work, and one near home. The one near work has more/better fabric selection, which means more clearance fabric. However, the one near home always bundles the end of the rolls of special trim and lace in a zip lock bag and sells it for $3.00. So today, I picked up a couple clearance bin fabric odds and ends, and a bag of trim that had some really cute laces and trims in it. You'll see me using these items in future posts over the next couple weeks. Except for this long strand of sequins. I have no clue what to do with sequins!

So back to the craft of the day - I took a long piece of white ribbon I had, just made folds with it, and then glued it down to a headband. Then, I made a flower with chiffon. Okay - that flower was ALOT harder than it always looks like it should be. I saw one in the store and thought, I could do that! I can. It just takes forever! So anyway, after feeding this insanely long length of chiffon through the sewing machine and around and around a circle of felt (whew) I had the flower. Then, I glued it onto the headband for a sort of flapper/40's look. I loved how it looked on my daughter!

Have a great week!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

My beautiful Apron - Thanks Flamingo Toes!

Last week I talked about how I won an apron from Flamingo Toes for being a follower - well, it came today! What a nice surprise after a blah visit to the dentist, to learn I have another cavity. :( But the day is much better now that I have something pretty to open!
And seriously - it is even cuter than I imagined!

First I loved the cute tape on the box -

And of course, it was wrapped in tissue paper with a cute bow!

A sweet note from Beverly:

And finally - APRON! Oh my gosh - so adorable. It even has black tulle underneath - it's like a cute vintage apron and a tutu all rolled into one - it appeals to every girly sense I have!! Now I can get down to

and of course, little one had to try it on too, because she loves pretties ~

But soon she discovered daddy's shoes, and now she's all about those. Sigh. (P.S. Don't you love the big chip on my doorframe, from the boys trying to shove a couch that didn't fit through? Yeah. And it's been six months and it still looks like that. Double sigh.)

Thanks again Beverly - you rock!

Funday Monday and a Winner!

Well, I have no crafts to share - sorry! But, I thought finding out the winner of the denim necklace would be enough of a happy thing for you to all forgive me ;) Without further ado, the winner is...

#19, Crystal, of Crystal's Craft Spot, who said...
"I love all of your denim rossettes. That necklace is beautiful. I love that you can wear it with everything."

Thank you to everyone who commented - I feel so loved! Be sure to check out her blog too - she's got some awesome stuff on there!

And since I didn't craft or sew this weekend, I'll show you what I did do (once my little one's fever finally subsided - thank goodness!)

Had a girl's night with my girls and some wine:

Went to the zoo:

and finally, hit up the beach!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pearl and Gingham Necklace

First, two things:


Make sure you peek at the two opportunities above!

Now onto today's creation: The Pearl & Gingham necklace!

Using purple gingham ribbon (50% off a roll at  Hobby Lobby) and an old, fake pearl necklace, I created this, complete with a rosette for that girly touch. I sewed the ribbon in folds in between the pearls, tied it at the top, and added the rosette at the end. Simple and cute!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to get your comment in for the denim necklace giveaway!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Sew Very Grateful" Challenge

When I was a kid, I remember coming home one day from school one day after mom picked us up and as we pulled into the garage, I just saw a TON of toys sitting there (and by ton, I mean probably like 20-30, but to a kid that’s a ton). I thought, “JACKPOT!” as it was all new Barbies and dolls and GI Joes and other good stuff. My mom could obviously tell from the smile on my face that I was excited – and then she told me that the gifts were not for my brother and I, but were for the homeless shelter.

The shelter? What?

She explained to us that there were kids who weren’t as lucky as us, and that she didn’t mean just about us having toys. She meant they didn’t have a home, or clothes – and sometimes they didn’t even know where they’d be sleeping the next night. And that for Christmas, we were going to bring them these toys at the shelter so that they could have a little fun instead of worry for their Christmas holiday.

That really struck a note. She didn’t tell people about it, she just did it herself. The same way she’d sometimes pick up a bunch of hamburgers at McDonalds and go hand them out in the downtown area to the homeless on the street who looked like they could use a meal. It wasn’t much, she said, but it was something.

So a few years ago, I decided to help where I can. I’m blessed with my own home, a husband, two beautiful, healthy kids, and pretty much anything we want. We’ve been very lucky. So I called up a local organization, asked how many kids there needed school supplies, and I went out and bought them. I’m not saying this for a “way to go, Allie, you’re awesome,” – I’m saying this so that hopefully others will be inspired to help and do little things to make the world a little better. I told them I didn’t want a tax write-off letter for it, and I didn’t want thank you cards – I just wanted to be anonymous.

That year was also the year I had two miscarriages. In two months. October 2007 and December 2007. Yes, you can get pregnant a week after miscarrying. And yes, it was devastating. When we got pregnant again in March 2008, I was scared but excited to welcome our baby girl in November – and she was perfect.

That whole scenario got me thinking about what we go through as parents. The sacrifices we make and the joys and pains we go through – each of them worth it. I decided to start doing Christmas gifts for a local shelter – this time, for one that houses women and children of domestic abuse until they can get back on their feet. The only stipulation I had for them was that the gifts be given to the mom’s to hand out for their kids, because I knew the moms might have a hard time affording gifts and the gifts should be from them to their kids.

Success – presents for kids of all ages and genders, and it was fun to do the shopping. It was important, but not as important as the next year would be.

I read an email someone passed around – something I rarely do, as I normally delete forwards – and it was about a mom who didn’t have enough money to buy Christmas gifts so she fixed up old toys that her kids had loved, and hoped that that would be enough on Christmas morning. And it made me stop to think – what about all those mom’s out there who give and do so much for their families, often with nothing left for themselves? All without complaint, because it’s the kids who matter – it’s the kids who take priority, as it should be.

Well, last year I added a category to the gifts – mom stuff. Hubby and I agreed that instead of Christmas gift for ourselves, we were going to purchase items for the kids – and their moms. I made packets for the moms, with lip gloss and hand lotion – just something small to let them know they were important on Christmas, too. As moms, we know how we think – we get down on ourselves, if we make mistakes we beat ourselves up forever. If we’d all only realize all of the great things we do – sometimes it just a simple act or gift that reminds us that we are important.

Which leads me to the point of this whole story – I’m handmaking gifts for the moms this year. Wristlets, clutches, jewelry satchels – small things that I can slip a nice something or other into. A note, along with maybe a $5 gift card, or hand lotion – but something that shows them there are others out there they’ve never even met who believe in them and what they are doing for their families.

I’m calling this venture “Sew Very Grateful” as a way of giving thanks for all the blessings in my life. So…there's two ways to participate, if you dare.

1) If anyone out there in blogland wants to donate a handmade item for this cause, it would be much appreciated. If you’re interested, please contact me at alipat79 at gmail dot com. I will take a picture of everything before I bring it to the shelter – and I know the mom’s there will be ecstatic to receive something for the holidays. Please help me spread the word if you can!

2) Do this for your group of girls, or for a senior citizens home, or for another group of moms who need a little uplifting. Make it a surprise, make it anonymous or hand-deliver it -- it doesn't matter. And then let me know what you did and how it went.

Feel free to use the button on any post related to this cause, and link it back to this blog so that we can make others aware!

What a difference we could make! Let's show ourselves, and each other, that we are proud, happy mamas!

Thanks for your time!


First Year Quilt/Blanket


Okay, it's only a semi-quilt. It's more of a blanket. But it took 21 hours, and now it is done!

For my daughter's first birthday in November 2009, I made her a blanket much like this one. You can see it here. I was/am so proud of it - it was the first big thing I sewed. Was it perfect? No way! But it is a perfect memory for her that I worked very, very hard on. And she slept with it every night so far since her bday ;)

One of my best friend's - Jen - has a daughter whose birthday is next month. She wanted a blanket for Nora's first birthday, with shirts from her first year. She picked out the fabrics she wanted, she picked out the shirts, and then handed off a giant bag of stuff to me to put the blanket together.

With the leftover scraps, I'm also making a few projects - a scrappie doll (which you can see here), and a skirt and hairbow (which I'm not done with yet).

And, after 21 hours, several needle pricks, lots of stitch ripping, and some happy victories, I am happy to present it to the blogging world ;) It's still not perfect, but it's pretty cute ;)

And to little Nora, happy first birthday - your auntie allie loves you VERY much!

The front:


The back:
A little square from one of her shirts on the back for mommy and daddy to write a message to her in:

Thanks for reading, and have a great Thursday!

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