Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Burlap Bag. Is It Even Cute? Ugh.

This was a fail. Not just a fail, but an epic, heartbreaking fail. Because I was sooooooooo looking forward to having a cute new purse for tomorrow. Looks like I'll be trying to redo this purse over the weekend. I managed to salvage it into a tote bag, but honestly...blah.

I saw this bag yesterday from La Maison Reid. It was gorgeous! I totally wanted to make one just like it. So I stopped by Hobby Lobby, snuck my bag with the goods past my husband ("Oh don't worry honey, it's just a bag I brought to work with me to show some fabric to my friends." bwahahahaha!) and got to work.

I cut the burlap. Which wasn't easy. It's sort of like trying to pick up an ice cube with a fork - messy! Here's where my first mistake was:

I didn't look at her tutorial. I thought, in typical Allie fashion, I can just wing it. Um, no Allie, you can't.

So anyway, cut the pieces, sewed them together (except I gave mine a bottom, instead of just a flat purse), and then sewed the lining. The first attempt to attach the lining was beyond an epic fail (and you realize at this point I don't have pictures. I'm all about sharing my successes AND failures, but not tonight. I'm too crabby, lol!)

Finally got the stupid thing together, sewed in the lining and the straps, and glued on the roses. And it looks...okay. That's all I can muster. I am totally in love with the fabric I used for the lining. it was in the scrap bin. I must go back and purchase a few yards of it tomorrow.

So La Maison Reid, I'm sorry that I butchered your perfectly wonderful tutorial. Please rest assured that this weekend, I will be following it to a T ... and will hopefully have something better than this time-consuming tote bag disaster!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. OH Allie I'm so sorry your bag didn't work out. I actually looks like you made my beige burlap TOTE rather the chocolate brown bag. (The tote had a flat bottom)...anyway, if you do go again let me know if you have more success! Maybe you can take the lining out and reuse it?
    I'm here if you need encouragement, advice or anything else! Good luck!



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