Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Year Quilt/Blanket


Okay, it's only a semi-quilt. It's more of a blanket. But it took 21 hours, and now it is done!

For my daughter's first birthday in November 2009, I made her a blanket much like this one. You can see it here. I was/am so proud of it - it was the first big thing I sewed. Was it perfect? No way! But it is a perfect memory for her that I worked very, very hard on. And she slept with it every night so far since her bday ;)

One of my best friend's - Jen - has a daughter whose birthday is next month. She wanted a blanket for Nora's first birthday, with shirts from her first year. She picked out the fabrics she wanted, she picked out the shirts, and then handed off a giant bag of stuff to me to put the blanket together.

With the leftover scraps, I'm also making a few projects - a scrappie doll (which you can see here), and a skirt and hairbow (which I'm not done with yet).

And, after 21 hours, several needle pricks, lots of stitch ripping, and some happy victories, I am happy to present it to the blogging world ;) It's still not perfect, but it's pretty cute ;)

And to little Nora, happy first birthday - your auntie allie loves you VERY much!

The front:


The back:
A little square from one of her shirts on the back for mommy and daddy to write a message to her in:

Thanks for reading, and have a great Thursday!

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  1. It turned out very cute :) Happy day to you!

  2. What a sweet idea. Its very cute.

  3. LOVE this :) come on over and link up to MMM !!!

  4. Loving this creation!!! Be sure to stop by Frou Frou Decor tomorrow and link up this FABULOUS FIND!! :)
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~



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