Monday, August 23, 2010

My beautiful Apron - Thanks Flamingo Toes!

Last week I talked about how I won an apron from Flamingo Toes for being a follower - well, it came today! What a nice surprise after a blah visit to the dentist, to learn I have another cavity. :( But the day is much better now that I have something pretty to open!
And seriously - it is even cuter than I imagined!

First I loved the cute tape on the box -

And of course, it was wrapped in tissue paper with a cute bow!

A sweet note from Beverly:

And finally - APRON! Oh my gosh - so adorable. It even has black tulle underneath - it's like a cute vintage apron and a tutu all rolled into one - it appeals to every girly sense I have!! Now I can get down to

and of course, little one had to try it on too, because she loves pretties ~

But soon she discovered daddy's shoes, and now she's all about those. Sigh. (P.S. Don't you love the big chip on my doorframe, from the boys trying to shove a couch that didn't fit through? Yeah. And it's been six months and it still looks like that. Double sigh.)

Thanks again Beverly - you rock!

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  1. Oh Allie, you've just made my day. The apron looks so stinkin cute on you and your little one is just darling!!! I'm thrilled that you like the apron! Thanks so much for this sweet post.



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