Monday, September 6, 2010

Cute leggins from a shirt

While out garage-sale-ing, I picked up a few shirts that were 5T - and my daughter is only in 24 months ;) I made sure they were stretchy shirts, too.

What to do with them? Make cute leggings!

Hello "shirt about to be cut into leggings" ;)

I loved how this shirt had the double layer look. Perfect for making it look ruffley. I just laid a pair of her shorts up on the shirt and cut out leaving a quarter inch seam allowance all around. I also left at the top three inches to fold down as a waist band. Sew up the sides and the crotch area; fold down the waistband twice and sew, leaving an inch opening to pull elastic through. Cut off the shirts arms, and in this case below, I just sewed them under the ruffle. Ta-da! Cute ruffly leggings!

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