Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm sorry I've been absent!! You would not believe my week...

I have been absent, but for good reason...
  • My son has near-pneumonia and near-strep throat. He's miserable, crying, sore throat, fever, and even popsicles don't make him better. Here's to hoping the medicine kicks in quickly for my little bug-a-boo!
  • My basement flooded Monday with septic water (luckily, it was a 10x10 area that is a concrete floor).
  • Monday night, my basement flooded with clean water. No plumber available until today.
  • Basement flooded with actual poop water last night. Same 10x10 area. I hate old houses. I could not be more grossed out if you tried. Once the plumber comes and fixes it, you can bet your ass that I am investing in Clorox stock because my bleach purchasing is about to skyrocket.
  • Meanwhile, I can't do dishes, laundry, or take showers longer than two minutes because then the water backs up in the basement and it's gross.
  • The movie I've been waiting for Netflix to deliver for over two months (because of our list we set up) finally arrived and so at 10 p.m. last night, after some serious scrubbing downstairs, I decided to relax and watch Sex and the City. But...something's wrong with the DVD and it won’t play. Are you freaking kidding me?
  • Just spoke with my homeowners insurance, and we aren't covered for this situation in our basement. Now, it didn't ruin anything, but if they need to drill out the floor and replace a pipe, then we are just going to be broke beyond belief because it's going to cost a truckload of money. 
  • Today, we get to spend at least $200-300 on a plumber…unless we need to rip out our basement which will then be lots more. And did I mention we just spent over $1200 on hubby's car, just paid our property taxes, just paid our house insurance money, our car insurance, and still need to spend $500 to fix my car and $2000 to fix the electrical in the upstairs of our house? Yeah.
I want to curl up in bed. Call me when 2011 gets here.

1 comment:

  1. Now that sounds like a 'stinky' week..
    Ha, sorry for the poor pun on words. I couldn't resist.
    I hope your little boy gets better and your basement doesn't cost that much!



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