Friday, September 3, 2010

Making Kid's Pants last a little longer...

If you have a little girl like mine who is a skinny minnie, then you may understand my dilemma:

18 month pants are too short but fit perfect in the waist, and 24 months/2T are the perfect length but don't fit in the waist. 99% of the time, they don't fit in the waist even with those little adjustable bands. So I've devised a solution.

This summer, I bought jeans and other pants at garage sales and on the clearance rack at the local resale shop. That's right - 50 cents or less per pair. Why did I buy them and not just use the ones she had? Well...I was hasty in giving them away. I figured, once it got to 95 degrees, that she wasn't going to fit in them in the fall, and so I gave most of the pants away. :( Sad me. But, it gave me a reason to shop, right??

Going through my stash of fabric, I pulled out some cute ones, and here is what I did:


Of course, I made sure to do a bunch of pairs :) It literally takes about 10-15 minutes per pair. Try it if you have a tiny little one (who coincidentally eats enough for 3 people. The girl can out-eat me!)  I even sewed a little raw-edged heart onto the brown pair to match the material.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great idea! If your daughter is like mine, I have the same problem with skirts, they are always huge in the waist, but too short. It is an easy fix! You can get a fat quarter of fabric at JoAnns and cut strips to create ruffles. Just sew the ruffles to the hem of the skirt, if needed, sew a couple on. That's what I do to make cloths last just a bit longer for my skinny little Monkey!

  2. You can sew ruffles to the bottom of the pants too! Then you don't need to cut them up or anything, just sew them along the bottom of the pants. I did that for my little girl (only it was to hide the fact that they were too long, my little girl is built) It also works great on hand me downs that are all nasty on the bottom from little girls walking on the pants.



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