Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Friend Quilt

I have a very awesome best friend, named Patty (you can read about her awesomeness here, if you want). I've been working on a little gift for her, because she's been a bit homesick. I can hear it in her voice, even if she'd never admit it.

I cut squares from all my favorite, fun, funky fabrics I've collected this past year, and then sewn them into a little quilt. Lots of colors, lots of patterns. Why didn't I just use a couple coordinating patterns? Well, because this quilt is meant to be like friendship - there are so many different ways we love our friends and that our friends are there for us. We can have similarities to our friends and yet still be so different. And as the years go by, we may change shape or form but we still fit beautifully together with our true friends.

My next step is to complete the back piece. It's going to be a soft, warm fleece, and I'm going to sew a pocket on it. Then, I'm going to sew little squares, and make "letters" to her. She can only open one a day or a week or whatever she deems as the time period, and they are going to be memories or words of wisdom, etc.

She's going through a particularly hard time right now (that I cannot discuss as of yet) and so hopefully, this will give her something to smile about.

Happy Monday!


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