Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Halloween Shirt, How I Hated Making You...

Yes, I know. Hate is a strong word. Since it's aimed at a piece of clothing and not a human, I feel it's okay to use it right now. And I firmly believe that you will whole heartedly understand by the end of this post.

I set out to make my daughter a cute Halloween shirt. I mean, I found Disney shirts at the Dollar Store for $1. They were blank, just missized. Perfect right? Right.

I had an idea. Witches shoes. For some reason though, after an hour, I still could not get a witches shoe design I liked. I had cut and shaped and sewed material but alas, I could not make it work. I had sewed on the legs of the witch idea, and the shirt was too thin to stitch rip, so I just cut off the shoes in the center and was left with the mess at the left. I was only a little disheartened, and so I instead opted for a cute pumpkin. Easy, right? And I thought it would cover up the strips well.

Wrong. By now, I was already frustrated and therefore not thinking things all the way through. Plus, I was in the midst of the beginning of a cold.

Well, I don't know what happened but when I stitched on part of the pumpkin and turned the shirt over.. this appeared. It looked like my shirt had a big, hairy underside!

Then after getting rid of that, I began sewing again, and sewed the back of the shirt and the front of the shirt together.

Seriously, at this point I was at nervous breakdown point, but I was determined not to waste that $1 shirt (I know, I know - give it up Allie is what you're thinking. Me too. But I couldn't let it go.)

At this point I quit taking pictures because after I stitch ripped the front and back apart and started sewing again...I did it again!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! If I would have had my camera near me, I may have thrown it.

In the end, this is what I ended up with. Blech. Yuck. Hate it. Don't think she'll ever wear it. Oh well.

I hate this shirt. But I thought I'd share the fail. Who doesn't love a good fail?!

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  1. A) It's totally not hideous! I think the little pumpkins are cute!

    B) I had a night like that last night. I'm making new couch pillows and I kept sewing folds into the seams....not good times! I feel your frustration. At least it was only $1

  2. We ALL have those days! Sometimes the Sewing Gods are in Trickster-Mode, ya know?
    You probably figured out the initial issue, but from your picture, it appears that your needle (upper) thread is not threaded properly. It's likely not catching in the take up lever, and may even not be slipped into the tension discs. When this happens, I, first, do throw something. Second, curse. Third, re-thread. Fourth, unpick... Also, when sewing on knits, remember the ball-point needle and stabilzer works wonders! That might have been your issue if it wasn't the threading...
    Anyways, I think the shirt is pretty cute.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments! And am your newest follower!
    Allie (the other :) )

  3. I have had the hairy underside on projects before. Isn't it so annoying? The shirt came out cute considering all your set backs. I love your blog and happy I stumbled upon it. Happy crafting!

  4. oh man im so glad you had a major fail lol. i say this with the utmost sincerity. It means i am not the only one in the world who has fails or bad days or times when my machine throws up on stuff lol

    I was doing this the other day when i was mending some jeans. if it wasnt so heavy i would have thrown the whole machine itself! i got poked, thread broke 3 times at least, poked again, bobbin thread went out midway, then replaced bobbin and the tension was off, then the hairy backside of the project came out, then as i was adjusting, i got my fingers slammed by the needle going down as i was sewing ( the screw on the side of the presser foot) i was totally frustrated. at that point i stopped caring about how the pants looks, but i just stitched all over till the whole was sewn over. ok, done venting now... lol thanks for sharing.

    btw the shirt turned out ok despite all the trauma it incurred!



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