Monday, October 4, 2010

Project Linus blankets - Part I

When I was little, I had a baby blanket. It had the silky edges, and that was my comfort: rubbing the silky edges. It was cool against my face, but snuggly warm when I needed warmth. I loved it to pieces - literally! I have one small shred of it that I keep as a keepsake.

So when I read about Project Linus, I totally understood. What an awesome cause! I was so blessed to be a healthy child, and I know how much I adored my little blankie. I imagine that children who are in the hospital, scared, would probably also love a special blankie - which comes as a special gift, none-the-less - to snuggle with on their journey. And as a child (okay, who am I kidding - even now!) I love Charlie Brown characters. In fact, when I was sick a few years ago with the flu, my hubby (boyfriend at the time) bought me three of the holiday Charlie Brown movies to watch. He's so sweet ;)

I've always loved kids. When I had my own, I understood how much the human heart can love someone. When I read about sick children, it breaks a part of my heart, because I cannot fathom the battles these children have to wage. Caring for my mom and ultimately losing her after her battle with cancer was hard enough -- I can't begin to imagine the agony these parents feel watching their children fight an illness.

I've struggled and struggled with how to honor my mom and her cancer battle. With my amazing friends, we've participated in the Relay for Life; walked in the ABTA's Brain Tumor 5K; we've donated what and where we can to cancer causes. I still feel like there's something else I'm supposed to do, and I just haven't found it yet. Until I do, I will keep trying different things until I feel like I've finally found a way to really make a difference in this fight. So I think it an awesome blessing and opportunity to be able to give something of comfort to those who are sick -- because I remember when mom was sick how important the cards and cassette tapes and plates of cookies from hospice volunteers were - they were a moment of respite in the day, a chance to smile and laugh and enjoy the little comforts that we so often took for granted.

I hope that's what these blankets do for Project Linus children. I hope that somehow, somewhere, a little one is able to snuggle something I made and know that out there in the world there are complete strangers praying and fighting with them for their recovery, and that they are never, ever alone.

Blanket 1: A mini-minky taggy blanket (about 10x10 inches)

Blanket 2: a 30x30 minky blanket. I outlined some of the flowers/stems with thread to bind the blanket together, added a rosette to the corner for texture, and added a heart on the back with several lines of threading for texture.

If you make any type of blankets, consider donating to Project Linus. It's a great organization, and they've been able to donate over 3 million blankets so far.


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  1. That is ADORABLE!!!!!! Love that little heart on the back, soooo sweet! Thanks for linking this up! :)

  2. Thank you for doing this and for sharing your heart. I had no idea about Project Linus and now I want to be involved! These lovies are beautiful. You did such a great job!!! Love your blog too btw :)



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