Monday, October 4, 2010

Winter Hat For Girls

I must be really cheap thrifty, because I cannot bring myself to spend $20 on a winter hat. I'm too unorganized, meaning I lose things easily, so I'll probably wind up finding it in the freezer at one point this winter. So I tend to keep around multiples of things like hats and gloves.

I found a simple, pink hat at Target this weekend. It was $1.50. It is okay, but I thought it could be prettier. With some felt I had from my scrap bin, and a couple rhinestones from my scrapbooking decorations, I was able to put together a very girly, very cute winter hat. Now I think I'll go buy the hat in a few more colors and make some more, so I have one to match most outfits.

It was definitely a fun, quick, easy project. With some hot glue, felt, rhinestones and the hat I was able to complete it in about 20 minutes.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! Your hat looks like a million bucks!

    I'm visiting from Just Something... Have a great week!



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