Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wooden Block Christmas Gifts - and Printable Templates

I love the wooden blocks I've seen out in blog-land, and I wanted to do some of my very own! I thought it would be a perfect Christmas idea - something everyone could have that is personalized and from the heart.

Now here's my little secret - to make 12 sets of these cost me...$10.67. That's right - $10.67. That's literally $0.89 per set. That to buy, I would have to pay at least $20 or more for. I know it sounds cheap, but they don't look cheap, promise.

Here are my supplies:
  • Wood - two 2x4x8's from the clearance bin at Home Depot. $0.56 each
    They cut them for me too (and didn't charge me). One I cut into 4x4 squares, the other into 5x4
  • Paint - two half gallons from the clearance section in the paint area. Always look here first for paint! People return colors they don't quite like, but they can be perfect for a project that you don't have exact colors in mind for. Mine were black and tan, and $1 per can. Nice!
  • Paintbrush - full price, $1.97
  • Sandpaper - full price, $5.97
  • Mod Podge - had at home, but is about $6 per bottle
  • Scrapbook paper - had at home
  • Print outs of some words and pictures and letters that I just printed on my computer
Seriously - awesome.

I was so excited to see how this would turn out, and I picked someone who I would gift this prototype to. Basically as I walked in the door, I began sanding the edges of the blocks and then painting them - ha! While they dried, I worked on my cardigan revamp and dolly, and cut out my letters and squares. I cut out letters and traced them onto the blocks, then used a paint pen to fill them in. Here's a litttle tip - if you use a paint pen, make sure it dries before you add mod podge - I've made that mistake in the past and it stinks!

Once the blocks were dry, I put a coat of mod podge on them and put the squares on them. I added another coat of mod podge and let dry.

After it was dry, I sanded the edges again, to give them a vintage look. I love how they turned out! They are exactly how I wanted them to look. Yay! At the bottom of this post are templates you can print to use on your blocks if you want.

TEMPLATES (Just open in a new window, right click on it, and save the photo. You can then use whatever program you want to print it)

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  1. I love these! I can't believe how inexpensive it was to make something so cute. Will home depot always cut the wood for you? I don't really do would projects since I don't have a wood cutter. Thanks for this craft idea. This will begreat for Christmas

  2. What a great idea and they sound fairly simple to make.

  3. GREAT gift idea! Thanks SO much for including the free printable! I appreciate you linking up (and linking back!) to my Thrilling Thursday linky party @ Paisley Passions :)

  4. I've seen a similar idea before, but have never thought to use it as a gift. I LOVE what you did with the pictures! Now that is an idea I'm going to have to try. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great idea and thanks for the templates. They are really pretty.



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