Monday, December 6, 2010

Nintendo DSi carrying case

At the store tonight, I was perusing all the Nintendo DSi stuff. Our son got one for his birthday, and I already had in my hand the screen protectors and extra stylus' and a case for the actual DSi ... I didn't want to have to buy a carrying case, too.

I thought, I can make one of those!

So at home, I laid it on an old t-shirt scrap (Batman, of course, because we can't have something non-superguy) and cut out two pieces (with a 1.5 inch border all around to leave room for the seam). Then I took an old, thermal baby blanket (which is thicker) and cut out the same size shape - 4 of them actually, two for each side. This, I figured, was pretty good padding (and it was).

I took two old denim pockets from an old pair of his pants, and sewed them onto the back of one of the old t-shirt squares. These are perfect for the little game holders that came in the extras kit. I left the back on the pocket as well, because that way, it's like the pocket has a separator and really makes two pockets.

I sewed them together with the zipper on the side, much like I did for the clutches I've made in the past - except that this zipper was on the side, not the top.

And it was perfect! The protective case is big enough to hold the charger and the DSI (case on) inside, and the pockets hold the extra stylus' and the game catridges. He was so excited to see it!

And, if you take special notice - he has on a Star Wars pajama shirt, Spongebob pajama pants, and a Batman cape (that you can't see). The joys of being 5!

;) Have a great night!

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