Monday, May 31, 2010

More felt flowers - headband style

Since I am loving these simple felt flowers, I wanted to implement them into headbands as well. They are so easy to make and I just adore the way they look as decorations.

To see a tutorial on making these felt flowers, see my previous post here.

Also, to see a tutorial on making a braided headband (these stay in place to much better than normal all-around-the-head-headbands that I've bought) view a tutorial here on Me and My Buckets. She has some really great ideas. You can also see my earleir braided headband here.

Basically, for today's headbands, I made a pink braided headband with scraps from an old t-shirt that I'd been using to make flowers and such. I made two white-felt flowers with bright pink thread, and a black button center. I also added on a couple leaves just for a little pop of green color.

I also made one felt flower for a headband for my daughter. The dollar store had headbands on sale that were satin-covered, 2 for $1. It was a great deal, so I picked up four headbands total. I simply hot glued the flower onto one of the headbands for a cute, whimsical look. My daughter refused to look at/smile for the camera for a picture. Sigh. She's really developing her own personality! That is a good thing though - just tough to learn to deal with!

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Felt flowers - LOVE them!

Today, I want to show a tutorial on brightening up any bag for spring. The total cost of this project was about $6.50: one tote bag, $3.99 on sale at Old Navy; 5 pieces of felt for $2.50. I have a lot of felt left over to make more flowers, too.

But first, I want to show off hat #2, the idea of which came from At Second Street and her very awesome creativeness!

And of course this weekend I was inspired to try something different. I went to Michael's and bought felt with the full intention of making a book for my daughter that would have different felt games in there, and a felt doll she could dress up. Then I looked at all the felt in front of me and thought, eh. I don't feel like making that right now, lol!

So instead, the felt became flowers. They are so easy to make. I cut out a big circle (it can be whatever size you want) and I sort of made the edges wavy. Then I cut out a smaller circle and then a smaller circle than the second. I sewed around the edges about 1/8 inch in on the big piece, then placed the second piece on top and did the same around that flowers edges, and then the same with the third. This gives them dimension and texture.

It was fun to mix thread colors and felt colors. I made one with different color petals, and then some flowers that were all one color. I made some leaves and stitched around the edges of those, and then used hot glue to add the leaves onto the backs of the flowers. A final touch was stitching a button into the center. I have a lot of bright colored buttons and I love using them on projects. You can hot glue them on, too, but I wanted the thread in the middle.

And before I forget - as I'm sewing these, my husband is next to me at the table with his needles and thread that he bought (because why would you ask your wife - who sews - if she has a needle and thread for you?? lol). He was sewing the buttons back on some of his work pants. I'm pretty proud that he was able to do that without asking to! Here's our hands, sewing side by side...

Okay, back to the project at hand! I had bought a blue tote bag at Old Navy (of course, because where else do I shop??) It cost me $3.99 thanks to their awesome 50% off clearance prices sale. It even has a little coin purse attached. Here is the before. Seriously, half off $7.99 - it's a wonderful thing!

On the tote bag, I stitched a pink wavy line from about three inches in on one side to three inches in on the other in bright pink thread. Then I hot glued the flowers onto the line at three different points.

I also added one flower onto the coin purse.

And here is the after:

I love this bag! It's now springy and cut and the perfect addition for me to use as a transitional diaper bag ;) I can put some games in there for the kids, some diapers and wipes, some snacks, and head out to any destination we choose for some fun!

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