Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Redoing my daughter's room - Part III

It's been an exhausting few days! Yikes! But I am sooooo happy with the results of this redo too! Very excited. My kid's rooms (and mine) have always been just a mish mosh of things I put together. Nothing ever matches. For example - her room was butterflies, because the border was already up in the house when we moved in. So I just added more butterflies. But it just looked like a mess.

First, let me show you the previous posts about this room redo:
Part 1
Part 2

I haven't been able to find a border that I like for her room, and I really found a lot of cute paint techniques, but to be honest, I just didn't feel like painting the whole thing. (I know, lazy lazy!) But our rooms are so tiny, I didn't want to do any of the techniques I saw either because they would all make the room look smaller.

So, I went with using the very cool scrapbook paper I posted about earlier (here and here) to make a new border. All I did was cut the pieces of paper in half (they were 8.5x11) and used those. I cleaned the wall first, and just put mod podge on the wall over the old border, put the paper on, then mod podge over. Let me say...this took FOREVER for a 10x11 room, but was so worth it! I just love the results.

The next step comes tomorrow - I'm putting a strip of trim above and below the border to frame it in. I can't wait to see how it looks!

First, I want to show the cost of this project so far:

  • Paper - $4.60
  • Mod Podge - $3.98 ($6.99 with 50% coupon)
  • Picture frames- FREE - I already had, just mod podged the paper inside to make them match the border.
  • Butterfly wall hooks - FREE - I already had, just mod podged the matching paper on those as well.
  • Wall plaques above door - FREE - they were made from old picture frames that I already had, and just changed with the matching paper (read more about it here)
  • Gift boxes - FREE - already had when someone gave us a gift in them, and I covered them with the matching paper.
Here is the paper I picked out (I actually went back yesterday and picked out a couple more patterns)

No more boring room! I found scrapbook paper on sale a Hobby Lobby. Some was nine cents, some was ten cents, and I spent abotu $5.00 total on the paper. And $6.99 on mod podge at Michael's, but I had a 50% off coupon. Here are a couple sneak peeks of the not-yet-finished room. I can't wait to show off the finished product, then move on to my son's room!

And finally, my daughter, who usually ends up sleeping on the floor instead of her bed. I have no idea why, but I usually find her somewhere on the floor snuggled up to a book and have to put her back in bed, lol.

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Redoing my daughter's room: Part II

Well, I loved the plaques I made to hang above her bed yesterday, so I turned my attention to some gift boxes I had saved for the last few years. They were blue polka dots and stripes (for a boy), so utilizing the papers I bought, I made them match the other future decor of her room. The way I have them, I can stack them or put them next to each other with different parts of the patterned papers showing to match the room. Lots of mod podge + hot glue = boxes ;)

Before: (okay, the dots are what you're looking at - I forgot to take the before picture til I was almost done with the last box!)


Box 1

Box 2:

And Box 3: Any suggestions for what word(s) to put on there?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Redoing my daughters room

I have been trying to figure out how I'm going to redo my daughter's room. She'll be two in a few months, and I just really want to do something that she will be able to continue using as she grows, instead of the baby-ish decor she has now. I found these papers at Hobby Lobby for ten cents each - so I bought about $5 worth! I took 14 pieces out for the room decor to utilize on odds and ends, and the rest I cut in half, and will mod podge those around the room in a border of sorts so that the patterns are all over the room. I LOVE the patterns, and the fact that there are many and include similar and different colors. I am so in love with mixing patterns, and I think this will turn out pretty cute. Here are the papers:

First, I made four wall plaques to hang directly over her bed.

I utilized four small frames I had from Target. They were 3/$2.50 in that up-front area when you first walk in. I got them about a year ago, and have had pictures in them. But I took them down about a month ago and they've been sitting in a drawer so I thought I'd put them to use. I mod podged the patterned paper on the frames, then another layer of mod podge and a fabric heart, more mod podge over that to seal it on, then the letters (pre-cut scrapbooking letters), more mod podge then hot glued a button on.




Tomorrow, I'll show you the next items I put together from old gift boxes I had! They will be perfect bow/headband holders, etc.

Have a great Tuesday!


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Fourth of July Flag!

In an effort to have at least ONE 4th of July decoration, I attempted to make a flag tonight.

I bought this plaque at a garage sale for a quarter. It is very funny, but I knew I didn't want this hanging in my house ;)

Lol, it is pretty funny ;)

With some white felt, some red fabric strips, and some blue and white starred scrapbook paper, I was able to make a cute flag that also had two rosettes on it. It's not proudly up by my television!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a GREAT week - and don't forget to thank all the soldiers past, present and future who have given their time and their lives to give us the reasons for celebrating the 4th of July.


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Skirt to Shirt

In case you missed out on the hilarity - take a peek at last week's fail week posts. :) I still have not finished fixing the last dress of my daughter's but will this week. promise. :) I was too busy having fun with the kids this weekend.

Onto today's ... making a skirt into a strapless top. I found this skirt at Goodwill and loved the look of it - it was so cute and vibrant and I loved the colors. I knew it wouldn't fit my waist, but knew it would make a good top!

I took elastic and measured around my chest where I wanted the shirt to fit, cut off the top of the skirt, sewed the ends of the elastic together, folded the material over the top of the elastic -- pinning where needed, and then sewed it together. It was as easy as that - about 30 minutes. It became a very lovely tunic that I love paired with a brown belt. Because the other evening was a big chilly, I also wore a light, brown cardigan.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fail Week: The Friday Fail!

Oh, thank you for all your sweet comments this week! I'm glad others have shared their fail experiences ;)  I'm not ashamed to say some of my projects fail - okay, most do - but I've become REALLY good at salvaging fails ;)

What a fun and liberating week this has been! Yes, I make mistakes, but guess what? I'm still pushing forward! So here is Friday's fail:

I bought this shirt (a Tommy Hilfiger shirt) at Goodwill. I loved the ruffles, and thought they would make a cute dress for my daughter.
It was my first attempt at adding sleeves to something. While I think I did okay, I did realize I made them a bit...awkward. Basically, my daughter had trouble bending her arms. And I sewed them too small, so they were really tight. :) Oh well. I still have to stitch-rip the sleeves off, then make it a tank dress. And fail #2 for the dress - there is nothing behind the buttons, but there is a gap. So as to keep my cutie pie modest, I'm going to just add a white square of fabric behind the buttons so no skin shows.
Ah, the joys of failure ;)  I will post a picture of the revised and renewed dress on Monday, after I work on it this weekend.
Have a fabulous day everyone, and an even better weekend!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

31 before 31

I stole an idea from The Feminist Housewife, who has a "21 before 21" list of things she wants to accomplish before her 21st birthday.

I decided to do a "31 before 31" list, to make my 30th year something exciting, instead of something I was dreading. I started this back in April, and I think I'm comfortable posting it now. I just finished the list, because it's hard to think of new and exciting things you want to do in a year. I have six months left, so if you want to help me accomplish any of these, just let me know! I have six months left.

31 Before 31

1. Read 10 new novels

2. Go swing dancing.

3. Learn to sew and make myself something to wear out. Accomplished May 2010, my revamped dress

4. Sing karaoke. Sober. Okay, maybe just mostly sober.

5. Finish my two novels that I’m writing.

6. Go on a trip where I have to navigate alone. Accomplished May 2010 - trip to San Diego, navigating to Murreita and then Hemet.

7. Find a wine that I like. Accomplished May 2010, San Diego wine tasting - Moscato

8. Participate in the ABTA brain cancer walk. Accomplished May 2010 with Amy

9. Fix something big in the house myself, with tools, without asking for help.

10. Get a bike and take rides with the kids. Accomplished June 2010 - new bike from my MIL, and bike rack from Jake ;)

11. Take the kids to both the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry.

12. Have a date night overnight in the city, just the two of us.

13. Visit a state I’ve never been to before.

14. Write in the journals to the kids once a month.

15. Try seafood. Other than Salmon. (Cooked, not sushi) Accomplished September 2010 in New Orleans - Shrimp 

16. Perform a random act of kindness.

17. Tip a good waiter $50 on a $10 bill.

18. Make a blanket from my mom’s clothes. Accomplished June 2010 - Memory Rag Quilt

19. Write a love letter.

20. Cheer Alex on at a sports event. Accomplished August/September/October 2010 through Alex's baseball team! 

21. Visit Carrie in Indianapolis.

22. Make my own recipe. (A good one for all you laughing right now). Accomplished September 2010 - spicy marinated crackers 

23. Go ice skating on State street

24. Ride my bike along the Lake.

25. Organize all the bins sitting in storage.

26. Go to my first Bulls game ever.

27. Go to my first Blackhawks game ever.

28. Take a fun class.

29. Host a Halloween party.

30. Go horseback riding.

31. Go on a fake bachelorette party ;)

Fail Week: Thursday's Fail

Ah, Thursday. Another day in the "fail week" extravaganza! Thursday brings us to a slightly lesser fail than Tuesday (which shall be known as an epic fail from here on out due to the many revisions it took to make that dress right) and Wednesday. This was the best picture I could get of my daughter in the dress - she wasn't up for having her picture taken that day.

This project started off as a skirt. A very cute, floral-y, stretchy skirt that I fell in love with thanks to the ruffles on the bottom.
Anywho, I kept the length the same as the skirt. I cut off the top band, cut out the shape of the dress (similar to a pillowcase dress) and turned in and sewed the arm hole areas. The shape was pretty much a pyramid or triangle shape - I wanted it to be long and flowy, and keep all the ruffles.

First fail: Too hot of an iron. Please note: please consider the fabric you are using before ironing ;)  I did not. And as I turned in to iron the arm holes...I burned a hole in the fabric, lol! It was a polyster type blend. This is what I get for watching the Lifetime network while sewing. I lose all of my senses! Luckily it was right along the edging, so I just cut the arm holes a little (both, so they match) and reironed on a lower heat.

Then I took the skirts band, which was elastic, and cut it to size to fit in sort of a boat-neck shape. I then sewed it onto the skirt material after pinning. Finally, I cut some strips out of the extra material and sewed right down the middle of them to create ruffles, which I then sewed in place on the front neckline. I also made a fabric flower (because can I make anything without a fabric flower anymore??)
Then it was complete!

I can already hear you saying, "wait, the iron was the only fail? It's not that big a fail!"

No, it isn't. I also sewed the arm holes two different sizes. I don't have a picture, but the left arm hole is 1.75 inches longer than the right one. haha, I realized after putting it on her that I hadn't measured along the length far enough up on the left one so that they were even. A simple fix that I just handstitched, but a fail none-the-less.

Did I mention these were all sewn the same night? Yes, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today's fail were all sewn on Friday night. Lovely. And as an added bonus, tomorrow's fail was ALSO sewn on Friday. Want a sneak peek? It's a tutorial on how NOT to add sleeves to a dress. ;)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fail Week - Wednesday

Well, here is a peek at today's disaster du jour!

But before I go on to detail my next disaster, I wanted to share with you the "after" pics from yesterday's "fail" post.

And of course, what would the day be like without bunny ears from the brother in a picture??

Now onto today's FAIL!

I found this AWESOME t-shirt at Goodwill. I love, love, love it, but knew it wouldn't fit my chubster body. But alas, it WOULD make a perfect tunic for my baby girl!

I laid it flat after washing, cut it into a tank shape without the straps. I cut off the bottom band just above the seam, and then cut about two inches off the bottom of the shirt above that band to make it shorter. Reattached the band (of course I took it in on the sides first to match the width of the shape I cut for the tunic).

I cut a strip of fabric, turned both the top and bottom lengthwise towards the middle and ironed so that there wouldn't be a raw edge. (I debated back and forth about raw edging, because I wanted a rocker look, but I ended up going with a clean edge for most of it.)

I attached that strip along the collar of the shirt, and left the back of the shirt a raw edge. It won't fray as it is a jersey material. I connected the strip in back with a button (the picture at the top of this post) and ta-da! .... It didn't fit her. Not even close. That neck was so tiny it would fit her doll
But I SWEAR it totally looked like it would fit.

Now I was totally frustrated. I've been sewing for awhile now, and I always make my items pattern-less. It's all a guestimate, based off her current clothing. It always fits. It always looks cute. And now two fails IN A ROW? I must be losing my magic touch, lol!

Soooooo.... I modified the collar. Cut another strip, left the edges raw (because now I was too flustered to do the clean edge, plus I didn't have enough material left), I attached it to the current strip that was sewn onto the tunic with buttons on each side, and made it a bigger halter. I really like how it turned out. She looked so cute in it (I know, I'm a little biased), and it was comfortable for her to wear - especially when it was 90 degrees!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's fail - turning a Tommy Hilfiger shirt into the first "dress with sleeves" I've made...and how that completely backfired. :)

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fail Week! Tuesday

Since I've failed learned a few lessons the past weekend about my sewing, I thought it would be a perfect week to host a "Fail Week" - if that tells you anything. :)  Sometimes the best way to learn is a failure, and boy, did I learn ALOT.

First fail: No Monday post.

Now onto the real fails. On Thursday night last week, I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up some women's skirts and shirts that I thought would make cute dresses for my daughter. Washed them, dried them, and Friday afternoon my hubby asked if I would mind if he went to watch the baseball game with the guys. I of course said "Go ahead!" and added that I'd miss him.

It's my little secret, and I'd never tell him, but I enjoy his nights out with the guys. It gives me free time, after the kiddies are in bed, to do my own stuff - like sew, read, watch the Lifetime channel ;)

I grabbed the clothes after we had tucked the kids in and he was out the door. I looked at them with wide eyes and big dreams, and I got to planning in my head.

I picked out the first item to transform: a women's skirt in a beautiful green, yellow and white pattern. I LOVED it, and since my little one has olive/tan skin, I knew it would look perfect on her with those colors popping. Here is the beautiful skirt before:

Here's the failure I made - not measuring. I "guestimated" my daughter's size using her current clothes, which would normally work fine. If I was working with stretchy material. I, however, was not - and did not take that into account. What I ended up with for my first outfit was a dress that would have fit a cabbage patch! I couldn't get it over my daughter's head even!

Failure or not, I really liked how it turned out! I thought it was soooo cute! And darn it, it would have fit her if it had a little stretch. :( hmph!! See those shoulder straps? Yeah, her head was NOT fitting through them. It was truly funny. My 19 month old is looking at me with this frumpy look like, "MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! IT'S NOT GONNA FIT!" And here I am, with this exhasperated, "But it's so cute! What in the world did I do wrong?" look.

Luckily, I was able to grab the stitch-ripper and take off the straps. I needed to widen the top band, because I couldn't get it on her (too small). I ended up taking some white cotton material I had and cutting it to size (har har, yes I measured this time!) I even cut it much wider than necessary, cut slits down both sides of the dress and added a white panel to each side. I then folded the panel (hard to explain, but I will show with pictures tomorrow), and sewed it into place. The reason I made the panels larger and folded them is that this dress can then grow with her. I can simply let out the sides a bit next year to make it fit.

I also added new straps, and tried it on her... Fail #2: Straps are too long. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't win. I think I have a measuring inability!!!!! I just have to take them up a half inch tonight and they will be fine.

Lol, stay tuned tomorrow for pictures on the "After" product, along with a new FAIL! (Yes, from the same batch. I made 4 dresses that night. Oh, the things you will see this week!)

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