Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Want to win a FREE item?

Hi all! I'm looking to increase my Facebook fans so that I can host daily deals and games for free items - some fun things I'd like to start doing! For the next week, the top 5 people who refer fans will receive a free gift from Prose Boutique! I've got five great surprises sitting here ready to mail out!
My Facebook is www.facebook.com/ProseBoutiqueFashion.  Don't forget to have your fans/friends/family mention that you sent them!!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Give the Gift of Smiles with Me ;)

I remember growing up, around October or November I'd come home to bags filled with toys that we'd be donating to the local shelter. I loved my mom for this. She didn't believe children should be without smiles on Christmas Day. And it taught me the value of giving when you are so blessed to have so much, and so now, in her honor, I teach my kids the same lesson.

For the last few years the family has collected gifts for local shelters, mainly the women's and children's shelter here in town. I try and find the clearance sales so I can get more, and this year I was able to find $1304 worth of toys for about $400 (you can read about it here) so I was pretty excited because hopefully the kids will be able to have a couple things instead of just one.

In addition, last year, my wonderful department at work pulled together and donated nearly 40 pairs of brand new pajamas, ranging in size from infant to adult. It was so amazing, and I felt so honored to work with such great people who would be willing to participate in my cause.  At work we also do (separate from the above activities) food drives throughout the year, as well as serve meals at the shelter, to really be involved.

I think it's important for my kids to understand how blessed they are, and how much we truly have. They get pretty excited about picking things out, and throughout the year will find something and ask if we can put it in the bins for the kids at Christmas. It makes me so proud to see what big hearts they have. It makes me feel like my mom is here with us.

This year, I've decided I'm going to tack on something additional. For every item purchased now through December 20, I will make an item and donate it to the shelters in little goodie bags.  (So if you purchase two items, I will also make an additional two items for donation). I donated some hairbows last Christmas with the toys, and the woman said they went over really well because the girls can't afford those things from the store normally. I have some items to donate, but will also make additional ones for each item purchased. I am also going to make some cuffs and other boy-ish things for the boys at the shelters.

If you'd like to help, I'd love you to be a part of it! You can help by donating something (I can send you the mailing address) or by purchasing at www.proseboutique.etsy.com and I will add an item to the collection.

Thanks for supporting us and all we do!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

60% off - Get ready for the holidays!

Prose Boutique is 60% off through Thursday night, with coupon code FACEBOOK, to move out the current inventory and make room for some new items! Plus, shipping has been reduced on most items, and more have been added to the clearance section!

I am so grateful to all my Facebook fans, customers, blog readers ;) I'm over 200 Facebook fans, and have made 61 sales. Not to shabby for a girl who just wanted to own her own store someday ;)  Thanks for all of your support!

Here are some of the items you'll find at Prose Boutique:

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Every Day's a Good Day When You Have Friends Like Mine

There's so many times in my life where I sit and dwell on the negative because something broke in the house or something didn't go my way at work. I don't like that I do it, but I do. But it's days like today - and friends like Jake - that remind me time after time to refocus those thoughts on all the great things I do have. Especially the people I have in my life.

I'm not always good at expressing feelings verbally, but I like writing them down. If you know me, you know that much. I probably don't tell you face to face what you mean to me, but if I can write it down, I will. So I've decided to spend a few blog posts over the next year talking about the great people in my life, and giving them some kudos because they deserve it ;)

Let me tell you a little about Jake. I've known him about 10 years. He was a friend of a friend, and I can't tell you exactly how, but that summer of 2001, we all just sort of started hanging out together. It's one of those great mysteries of life, but somehow, all of us ended up in this little group we affectionately called the Goof Troop.

There was Patty, Jose, Me, Jaime, Jake, Tim, Chris (aka Elvis) and a few others. Over the years, some newbies came and others left, and we built what I now call my second family.

We did everything and went everywhere together. Hanging out, cooking out, playing cards; holiday parties, swimming. They were my friends when I needed friends most, having just gotten out of a really bad relationship. They supplied jokes and hugs, loved me despite my insecurities, and even when we got on each other's nerves, for the first time I really had this structure where yes, we may be upset with each other, but no, they weren't going to walk away and let me fend for myself. They were there to stay, and that was a feeling that made this group more than just friends. (The story continues below, but these pictures should amuse you on your scroll down. Vintage Allie, lol).

I've already talked many times about Patty, but today, I want to tell you a little bit about my friend Jake. Jake is one of our best friends (my husband and I). He is, without a doubt, a person that I could call if I needed something and he'd be there to help in seconds without hesitation. I know that I can count on him if we ever need it. He was - aside from our immediate family - the first visitor to show up within an hour of each of my kids being born, to meet them and hold them. I'll never, ever forget that. Here he is, holding this newborn like he's a pro, when most guys our age were backing away and pretending not to notice those contagious babies, lol. And they still hug and crawl all over him, because they adore Uncle Jake!

He's there at every birthday, holiday and weekend cookout. He's polite, sweet and has one of the biggest hearts I've ever encountered. He makes us laugh, and we spend alot of time with him because he just makes every time you're with him fun.

I admire his willpower and strength, because over a year ago, he started a journey to be more healthy, and he has kept at it, losing over 100 pounds. I struggle to lose 10! He's amazing, and he's really worked hard, and keeps tacking on more fun activities like MMA and such to keep his workouts different. I really, really admire him for how hard he's worked.

And then there's his big heart, like how he gives me thank you cards on occasion. Actual paper cards, in an envelope, with handwriting - something we don't do alot of today! Today, I printed out a picture for him of he and Jaime at the Pearl Jam concert. He came back later with a thank you card, and a gift to help send me to San Diego to see our other friend, Patty, when she has her baby, because he knew I was worried about finances. (I'm still not taking your gift Jake, but seriously, I will totally bask in the sweetness of having you as a friend!) I have cried like five times tonight just thinking about how great of a friend I have. The part that touches my heart is just the thought behind it all - that he knows how much I miss my friend.

It's moments like these - and people like Jake - that I have in my life that constantly remind me that yes, the dryer might be broken and yes there may be a leak, but those are such small things when, at the end of the day, I have this group of friends that so many people will spend their whole lives only wishing they had. My mom had her group of 8 girlfriends, known as the Breakfast Club for their Friday morning breakfast ritual, that I used to hope I'd have a group like someday. I do, but mine just includes a few really great guys, too. And in the end, it won't be the dryers or repairs or cars or houses or any of that material stuff that I remember and that I love - it's the friends I have like Jake, Patty, Jose, Joel and so many others that I'll be laughing with and sipping margaritas with, and loving every second of their company. That's what life is made of - the people and the joy they bring to your hearts.

If you need a friend, I can point you in the right direction ;)

Love ya Jake!!

Giveaway Winner - thanks for your support!

What an amazing ride starting Prose Boutique has been. From starting our Facebook page, to having fans and customers share photos of my items in use, it has been amazing to know that out there in the world, people are wearing something I've made. It gives me an unbelievable sense of accomplishment.

And this week, not only am I up to 57 sales, but I have over 200 Facebook fans, with a lot of the credit thanks to Flapper Fashions, Izzy B Designs, and Juliana Jade. And most importantly, I'd like to thank those who are following me via Facebook by having a little giveaway to celebrate having 200+ fans!

I used a random number generator to pick a winner. That winner is #34, Brittnee Cosme! So Brittnee, I'm awarding you a $15 certificate to use as you please in the shop! Contact me on Facebook for the code for your prize. If I haven't heard from Brittnee by Friday, I will pick a new winner.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me since opening the boutique in March. I love, love, love creating items, and it is a privilege to have people interested in my items. I appreciate you all!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School...Sending my first baby to Kindergarten

This week, my oldest started kindergarten. Not just kindergarten, but all day kindergarten. Big, scary, tons of kids all around kindergarten.

Okay, maybe that last one is just an exaggeration of my mind. But that's how I felt dropping him off. I had in my head that there would be tears (both of us), hugs (both of us), not wanting to let go (both of us). We got up extra early, got the uniform on (and did he look handsome!), got his backpack together with all his school supplies...and drove over to school.

I was holding it together. We walked to the drop-off point, introduced him again to his teacher who was telling all the boys and girls how much fun they were going to have, walked him to line up with the other kids, and then stood back and stared for about 10 minutes. I looked at my boy, standing there amongst the 16 kids in his class. Some of them were bigger, some smaller. There were alot of girls, which seemed to be his main concern (they have cooties, you know). And then the teacher looked at all the kids and said, "Okay, wave bye to mom and dad, and let's head inside!"

My son, smiling ear to ear, waved at us for a millisecond, and then was focused happily on heading into the building. And I, standing there amongst the parents, began crying. Partly because even though he's only five, it feels like just yesterday he was this tiny bundle that fit perfectly packaged into the crook of my arm, and needed me for everything; and partly because I wished my mom could be there with us to see this day.

How did he get so big, so fast? Every day, he seems to be another year older. This all-day school thing isn't a huge change for him, since he's been in daycare all day everyday since he was three months old. And here he was, in his polo and dress pants, a Super Mario Brothers backpack outweighing him with all it's school supply contents, standing tall and marching into a brand new chapter in his life, seemingly without a care in the world.

I pulled it together, and when we picked him up at the end of his day, he was all smiles and stories! He met some friends, they ate a snack, he colored. He loved it! Day 2, day 3, and now day 4 have come and gone, and not a sign of "needing mommy." I'm torn between a broken heart and being so proud of him for being such a brave little boy!

I'm sure it's not the only time I'll cry on their first day of school. I cry at commercials, truth be told! And as the years pass, they will probably blur together and every year will be like the next. But I know for a fact that years from now, I will still remember watching him wave and walk in that building, and be reminded of how much love one heart can hold for one little boy.

Hugging his sister goodbye at her daycare: 

Proud Daddy: 

Proud mommy:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revitalized Dollhouse: $1.00...My daughter laughing for hours: Priceless!

Our friend (and caretaker of my children during work hours!) gave us a dollhouse. It's a Fisher Price little people dollhouse from nearly 20 years ago - one that was her daughter's (as a side note, her daughter is like a sister to me!)

Some of the stickers had fallen off, but it was still in great shape. After a good scrubbing, as it had been in storage, most of the rest of the stickers came off. I thought, hmmmmm, can't afford to remodel my own house, but I think this Fisher Price family can have a little redo ;)

$1.00 in scrapbook papers, some modpodge, scissors, and paint, and the house is as good as new! My little one loved helping pick out what paper went where. Next up, I'm going to make some felt curtains and hot glue them on.

Thanks Cathy! You rock ;)

Here is the before:


And the after (P.S. I am not done painting - I put a base coat on the kitchen appliances and the windows, but she was too excited and wanted to play with it, so second coat will happen another day).

Happy Thursday all!


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